All you need to know about Karaoke Service in India


Tata Sky has launched world’s first ever DTH karaoke service for music lovers, which will showcase original music videos along with lyrics on DTH platform.

Tata Sky, India’s leading DTH service provider, has surprised everyone by launching the first ever direct-to-home (DTH) Karaoke service in the world. This unique service will give Tata Sky subscribers the ability to enjoy their favorite songs on their DTH platform. It has an updated video library of popular Bollywood tracks, ranging from super-hits of the 90s to latest blockbusters. Perhaps the most interesting element of this Karaoke service is that they showcase music videos along with lyrics! Besides this, there’s an exciting feature, called ‘Sur Meter’ that can evaluate and rate an individual’s singing performance.

Karaoke Service in India

Albums available on the service include top romantic songs of all-time, hit songs of Salman Khan, party hits and a huge range of foot-tapping tracks from Shreya Ghoshal, Sonu Nigaam and others. You can either play these tracks one at a time or you can opt for continuous back-to-back mode. And since Tata Sky has tied up with Hungama to offer this service, users can get Karaoke versions of hit tracks without compromising on quality.


Tata Sky’s Karaoke is far better than other traditional Karaoke services in many aspects. For instance, the tracks in regular Karaoke systems generally feature random and/or static visuals with lyrics & cues, whereas Tata Sky Karaoke offers original Bollywood music videos, along with lyrics and cues. In fact, Tata Sky Karaoke is the first ever Karaoke service in the world to feature original music videos.

In traditional Karaoke services, an album has a limited shelf life with fixed number of songs; while the albums of Tata Sky’s Karaoke are refreshed every month with new tracks, providing access to more than 50 songs every single day! The other plus point of Tata Sky Karaoke Service is that it makes singing even more exciting and fun with the ‘Score’ mode. You can challenge your family members & friends and see who gets the best scores?

Best of all, accessing your favorite Bollywood numbers with Tata Sky Karaoke is extremely easy. Simply select an album and the songs available on the album will be displayed. Now, as soon as you pick a song, the original video of that particular song will play out, with lyrics and cues appearing at the bottom of the screen. Plus, you’ll find blue bars and green bars on the screen. The blue bars will indicate the actual pitch of the song, whereas the green bars will show how well you’re singing as compared to the original pitch. (Note: Each album contains five songs and the subscribers will get access to 10 to 12 albums i.e. about 50 songs)

Subscribing to Tata Sky’s Karaoke Service

All Tata Sky+ HD subscribers can try out this exciting service as they are offering one free album for sampling. Subscribers can simply launch the album and watch the music videos. However to play them with scores, you’ll need a microphone.

Existing Tata Sky+ HD subscribers can avail this service for one year, for just Rs 1990 (inclusive of microphone), while an on-going annual subscription will cost only Rs 600.