5 Laptop Related Health Issues & Safety


A Laptop usage may harmful to your body.  It causes many health issues that can be prevented by using proper laptop accessories like laptop desks, laptop stands or even laptop mats and much more. Refer this article to know about some Laptop Related Health Issues with the important safety tips.

In today’s technical world, a fast-growing trend is the use of laptop computers. If you want to do your computer related tasks anytime anywhere, then Laptop is a great device due to its mobility and other benefits.

However, technology causes health problems like, when you drive car constantly, it could cause some serious back problems. If you are working longer on a computer each day, then you could have some problems like loss of hearing, computer vision syndrome, E-thrombosis, generalized anxiety disorder, and back problems.


As per recent survey by Steelcase Inc, an office furniture manufacturer and designer, around 15 percent of those who worked while on vacation used a laptop computer could have health problems.

Laptops allow people to use internet almost anywhere. Due to its lightness, mobility and new facilities like WiFi, it becomes an important part in human’s life. Specially, youngsters are spending most of their time on laptops for watching movies, surfing or even working.

To have a laptop is not harmful, everybody know and agree for that, however the difficulty is that people strain their eyes in very unhealthy and unsuitable postures for long hours.

With the use of laptop, postures are not the only problem. In the business market, the high performance laptops are available, that deceive more and more people. In the compare of usual desktop computer, the laptop generates more heat. By using laptop, you could have neck or eye problems due to the angle of the display and band or wrist problems due to the angle of the keyboard and overuse of pointing devices as well as shoulder or back problems due to the weight of the laptop and using it in an unsuitable position.

Laptop’s Health Issues:

1. Toasted Skin Syndrome:

The condition “Toasted skin syndrome,” occurs to those who getting the skin on their thighs burned. As per an article from the Associated Press on October 20, 2010 “a 12-year-old boy developed thigh-skin discoloration after playing computer games for hours”.

2. Lead to Infertility

Some years before, a medical report found that those, who used laptops on their laps, had elevated scrotum temperatures that can also reduce sperm production and if extended it is able to potentially lead to infertility. But, that report is not yet confirmed by studies and even by people, who wearing medical scrubs or solid scrub tops.

3. Neck, Back and Shoulder Problems

As per the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), the wrong posture may result, due to a laptop keyboard is attached to a computer. Pushing away a laptop screen is able you push away the keyboard. So this process causes bad posture, which leads to muscle aches. You must use detachable keyboard to avoid this problem.

4. Increase Chances of Skin Cancer

When skin inflammation extended, the chances for squamous cell skin cancer will be potentially increased, which is more dangerous than the most common skin cancer. By avoiding prolonged close skin contact with laptops, the chances of squamous cell skin cancer can be reduced. Put your laptop on the desk or use a desktop computer.

5. Eye strain

The laptop computer users have experienced the following symptoms related to vision:

  • Burning and watering eyes
  • Visual fatigue
  • Blurred or double vision
  • Headaches and frequent changes in prescription glasses

It is not confirmed yet the laptop work causes permanent eye damage, even the temporary discomfort may happen that causes lost work time and reduce job satisfaction. It also can decreas productivity. Eye problems are caused due to visual fatigue or glare from bright windows or strong light sources, light reflecting off the display screen or poor display screen contrast.

Laptop’s Safety Tips:

1. Unplug Accessories

Remember to unplug any accessories even if your laptop will not be in use longer because it does not only use power but cause the laptop to overheat. Before packing your laptop in its carrying case, it is important to unplug accessories.

2. Shut It Down

You must shut down a laptop computer, when it will not in use or use for short time. It may prevent the laptop from overheating and also needs the rest.

3. Adjusting Power Settings

Whenever your laptop not in use or used for short periods of time, adjusting your power options will help your laptop from heating up. After a set of time period, you can set your hard drive and display to turn. Additional option is to set the laptop to go into standby or hibernate style.

4. Avoid Lap Burn

While using your laptop, you will avoid burn by laptop desk or cooler. To let air circulation between you and the laptop, a good laptop desk will have large enough vents and several laptop desks have more fans that use power from the laptop itself to remain cool.

5. Soft Spots

Don’t use any soft material like a buffer between you and your laptop. Ensure your laptop always operated on a hard surface, which allows ventilation. The airflow vents can block and cause it to overheat, if you use soft materials. When it is not possible to avoid a soft surface, you can use an optional heat sink base to maintain cooling.

Laptop Usage Tips

  • In case of long hours work, take short breaks in between your work.
  • Drinking plenty of water keeps the discs in your back lubricated and healthy, so drink a lot of water.
  • Don’t put the whole weight on one shoulder, while carrying the laptop.
  • Put the mouse as same as your laptop height.
  • Your chair should be very comfort with back support.
  • Arrange your laptop in such a way that you don’t bend your neck to see the screen.
  • You should consult your doctor, in case of neck and shoulder pain, headaches at the top of your head, wrist pain or tingling in your fingers, particularly in your thumb.
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