7 Ways to Capture Screenshot of a Web page


Although you might not understand of the importance of capturing the image of a website, but sometimes it becomes absolutely inevitable to capture the website’s screen shot. Imagine the situation when you are carrying out an online transaction then sometimes you would like to keep a copy of the transaction with you. So that you can claim for the money of your product does not get delivered in time. Here are a number of ways using which you can do the same. Although there are several tools available to be downloaded on your computer. Here we are trying to see some of the real easily accessible ones.

If you are using the Firefox browser for browsing the internet then there are several straight forward tools available for download. These include:

1. Aviary Falcon:

Aviary Falcon

It is a special Firefox add on that the Mozilla labs have developed keeping in mind the requirement of taking the screenshot of a particular web page from your internet browser only. It is extremely fast and provides some great image quality. It comes with three different modes Complete Page, Visible Page and Selected Region modes which help you choose which area of screen to capture.


2. ScreenGrab:


This is another Firefox add-on with the same features as the Falcon add-on. It even provides the same features and the modes of capture.

Besides these tools you can also use free developed software as well as other screen grabbing tools available online:

3. Snapper: This is a tool that allows users a free form grab that is it allows users to designate an area of a web page for a focused snapshot, cutting out the additional work needed for cropping unnecessarily information.

4. Webshot:


Webshot is one of the best software to take the snapshot of any website for your blog or for other purposes. You can capture the partial screenshot of a website or whole website at once with this application. One of best feature this software has to offer is the automatic capturing of webpages using which you can schedule the capturing of images from websites when they are loaded.

5. Thumbalizr:


Thumbalizr is a very useful web-service that has a lot of options on offer for capturing a screenshot of a webpage. One very useful option that this service offers is the ability to select custom size of the generated screenshot- that is to say that you can select the size of the image being generated to the one that your requirements suits best.

6. I4X Screen Catcher– This one is a small sized utility application which helps you take full thumbnail of a website’s webpage. With I4X Screen catcher, you can capture the whole screen of active window or just a frame of current webpage.

7. SnagIt


This is one of best software to capture the content of a webpage as a picture. It is easy to handle and has a simple user interface. It comes as a free trial but you can buy this small application for only 39.95 bucks.

So there it is guys, list of my favorite tools to capture the images of websites. What are yours? Do not forget to let us know in the comments section below.