8 Proven Tips for Pinterest.com Lovers


Pinterest.com has become very popular in such a short span of time. People love pinterest as it’s easy and fun to use. Arrange your favorite images that you find while browsing the web into a well organized collection. Millions of people use this site for their various personal things like planning of a vacation, redecorating of home or office, creating menus for holiday dinners, etc. People are in love with pinterest to such an extent that they don’t mind in spending 2-3 hours every day. As the main focus of pinterest is on images rather than in messages like other ordinary sites, pinterest has a huge number of fans. If you are also a pinterest lover, then here are some of the useful tips to make it more interesting.

8 Proven Tips for Pinterest.com Lovers

1. Get the “Pin It” button on your browser toolbar:

To make pinning of images super easy, install the “Pin It” button to your browser. Once the button is installed, on visiting any page with interesting photos, click on the “Pin It” button. A series of images will pop up from which you can select your favorite one and add it to your collection. In this way, you can create your pinboards very easily.


2. Keep your pinboards well organized:

Create your board by organizing your pins in such a manner that it makes some sense to you as well as to other users. Always try to categorize your pins as other users look around for pins by category. So, if you place your pins category wise, other users who share same interest as you could find your pins easily and you can increase your number of followers by getting maximum exposure.

3. Add some keywords to your pinned images:

Add some useful keywords to the images that you pin, which will help you as well as others to find a particular image. If any other user is searching for any particular image with some keywords that matches yours, your pins would come first in the search results. The keyword must be related to your image giving full information about what it is and give a clear picture of the pin.

4. Give attractive description for pins:

Each and every pin provides you space for writing description. The length of the description is up to you, but it must convey the reason like why you have pinned that particular image. You can use this space to show some of your personality. Whenever other users repin your pinned image, the description is also repined along with the image. So, to promote your pin, make an attractive description.

5. Don’t hesitate to “follow” other’s boards:

By following other people’s boards, you get to see number of pins with lots of varieties. You can get interesting pins in your collection from those people’s collection that you follow by just repining. You don’t have to waste time for searching from the internet. Also, you can unfollow any user at any time if you find their pinned things boring.

6. Pin the particular post and not its homepage:

If you find something interesting while surfing through some site and you want to pin it to your collection, then make sure that you pin that particular post by going inside the post and not the homepage. This can be done by clicking on the title of the post. By doing this, other users will be diverted directly to the post, and if they find it interesting, they can repin it very easily.

7. Always try to pin only good quality and attractive images:

The quality of pin must be such that other users will click on them rather than just repining. On keeping pinable pictures, you will tempt people on pinterest to click on them and gather more information about its original source. This will also give recognition to the creator of a particular piece of work.

8. Use pinterest to make money:

Pinterest provides you a perfect platform for marketing of your products. You can also estimate the demand for particular item by following the number of ‘re-pins’ and the ‘likes’. While pining any product, don’t forget to add its price in the description. The pinterest will automatically add a price tag on the image. Your product can become popular than expected because of this amazing social networking site.

These tips will surely help you to make pinterest more interesting.