Best Ideas to Make use of your Old iPad


After the release of the new Apple iPad or iPad 2, owners of old iPad are thinking to get rid of old one and buy the new iPad. The reason behind purchasing the new ipad is that the old ipad does not include speedy processor, retina display or speedy 4G Internet Connection. As the company releases a new iPad each year, the users with old iPad always have a question: what to do with old one. If you are one who doesn’t want to sell or give away the old iPad but want to upgrade to the new iPad, then here are some ideas provided for you by which you can still take use of your old iPad and buy a new one without any trouble.

Best Ideas to Make use of your Old iPad

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10 Best Ideas to take use of Old iPad

1. Mount in Your Car

Another excellent way to give your iPad a new life is to mount it in the car. You can mount it in two ways: front and back. In the front, it can be used as a navigation tool while driving in unknown areas. Just, install an iPad holder in car’s dashboard to mount the device. Drivers can also use it for playing music. In the rear, it can be used by passengers to enjoy videos, games or other entertainment apps. To keep the device on the back of a seat, use ModulR’s Car Headrest Strap.


2. Give it to your Child

Give your iPad to your child, if you want to keep it in the family. Before handing it to children, delete your personal information, download some educational games & kid-friendly apps as well as enclose it in a drop-proof case. Make sure to set Passcode and Content Restrictions so that the kids don’t access inappropriate content or things that you don’t want them to access. Always keep the “Erase Data” option in “Off” setting so that the iPad don’t erase all your data after 10 failed passcode attempts.

3. Turn Into a Kitchen Tablet

Use your old iPad as a high-tech recipe book in your kitchen. An iPad is very helpful in your kitchen as you can get any recipe without using with cookbooks/scraps of paper. But be sure to use easy-to-clean case/cover to protect iPad from damages or mount it on a wall/cabinet and download your favorite cooking apps. You can also use the iPad for listening music and watching news while cooking. You can download cookbook apps like Food Network’s In the Kitchen, Martha Stewart Cookies, Allrecipes, iCookbook, Jamie’s Recipes and The Photo Cookbook.

4. Turn Into a Digital Picture Frame

You can turn your iPad into a gorgeous digital photo frame easily. Simply, tap the flower icon beside the “slide to unlock” button. The iPad will start displaying pictures from the albums and act as a digital picture frame by entering picture frame mode. Change Picture Frame settings of your iPad and you can also change the view of the photos such as transitions between photos, determine how long each photo should display, choose which albums to show pictures from, shuffle the order of the photos, and turn on/off the zoom in on the faces.

5. Use an Extra Monitor

You can turn your old ipad into a wonderful second monitor with the help of a simple app named Air Display and a Wi-Fi connection and use it while you are working away from your usual desk. The best desktop-extending app, Air Display is available at iOS App Store for $10. To turn your device into a second monitor, this app works with a desktop client over a Wifi network. To set up Air Display, you have to download and install free desktop client and the companion desktop app. Then, connect desktop client and the app to the same Wi-Fi network. After that, right-click on the Air Display icon and choose your iPad for connecting it to your PC.

6. Read Magazines at the Gym

You can read magazines on iPad while running on the treadmill at Gym as you don’t have to turn the pages. iPad fits on a treadmill/elliptical stand perfectly as well as doesn’t need page-flipping. You are required to download a magazine app for replacing physical books with digital versions. Various magazine applications such as The New Yorker, Zinio, PCWorld, Nook, Sports Illustrated, People and Self are available to download.

7. Make a Halloween Costume

To make a Halloween Costume, you need two iPads and a Wi-Fi connection. Take an old shirt and make holes on each side (front and back) to show the screens of iPad. Then, apply some red paint around the holes to look as if a blood and strap both iPads to your body. After that, connect them via FaceTime. It will look like that you have a wide hole in the stomach.

8. Control Everything in Your Home

You can control all the things in your house with your iPad. You have to download an app named iRule. iRule allows users to control all their gears such as fireplaces, TV, lights, home entertainment system, garage door, cable or satellite boxes and shades. Wi-Fi network, iPad and some particularly designed hardware are used by this app. iRule can be downloaded at a starting price of $49.99. There are also other apps such as MobiLinc HD, which works like iRule.

9. Keep Track of Your Family

Use your old iPad rather than using the traditional method to leave messages for family members. Put this high-tech message board on a table near the front door, on the fridge or mount it on the wall. You can download Sticky Notes or Noteboard. Your family members can use colored paper pieces to write a note. You can also download Pocket Informant HD, a calendar app if you know schedule of your family members.

10. Get Rid of Your iPad

Instead of throwing your old iPad into the trash, sell it online at BuyBack World, Craigslist, Nextworth, eBay, Gazelle and BuyMyTronics as well as make some money. If you don’t want to sell it, then donate it to a charitable organization through Gazelle. You can also give it back to the company via its Reuse and Recycling Program. The company will provide $30 for a 16GB Wi-Fi-only iPad, which doesn’t work.