How can I switch from Yahoo Mail to Gmail?


Switch from Yahoo! Mail to Gmail to enjoy advanced feature of Gmail service. Here, you can get complete guide lines on How to switch from Yahoo! mail to Gmail in details.

There are dozens of reasons behind switching mail providers weather it is about insecurity or want to enjoy more features. Changing from one email service to another typically involves changing more than just the address. As well, it can be time-consuming and complicated, especially when you want to get your all old e-mail messages in to new email service. If you are tired of Yahoo! Email account and want to enjoy Gmail service, then you can do it just by following few easy steps in Gmail service. Switching from Yahoo Mail to Gmail becomes hassle – free and easier than ever with Gmail service. Now, you can import all your old contacts, email messages, mailbox contents, and CSV file from the Yahoo! inbox to your new Gmail address without having to worry about complex IMAP or POP3 configuration. Switching to Gmail from another email provider like Yahoo!, Hotmail, or AOL, you have to login in to your Gmail account and transfer your emails and contacts from your old account into your new Gmail account.

switch from Yahoo Mail to Gmail

Benefits to switch from Yahoo! Mail to Gmail:

Faster access to mails… also you can send and receive mail quickly than yahoo mail. It gives Powerful search function for e-mail, similar to Google. User can sort out e-mails with .exe attachments possible.

View attachment files without leaving Gmail. As well, you are also able to save your attachment directly to your drive to manage and share them in a single and safe place.

You can track packages, review products, RSVP for events and more directly through the inbox and track packages without opening any emails.

You can block spamming message.

Automatic forwarding for Gmail

Yahoo supports only POP3 E-mail client access, while Gmail supports POP3, IMAP, SSL/TLS supported, SMTP, etc.

Yahoo localization for 27 languages, while Gmail for 52 languages

You can modify domain name in Gmail by utilizing Google Application

Gmail provides text ads feature only in mail box, not in message. On the other hand, yahoo gives ads in interface and mails.

Only Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera well-matched with new version of Yahoo Mail

Inactive Gmail account is expired in 9 months and inactive account of yahoo mail is expired in 4 months

Custom From address can be set up in Gmail

Basic HTML view gives faster access in slow internet connections; labels are utilized in Gmail in place of folders in Yahoo

Gmail 15GB of free storage across Gmail, Google drive and Google+ Photos, you need not to delete emails to save space

You can make video conversation with up to 10 friends with Hangouts in Gmail

Step by step guide to switch from Yahoo Mail to Gmail:

Step 1: First login in to your Gmail account

Step 2: After that open setting menu, and click on the account

gmail accounts screenshots

Step 3: Click on Add a POP3 mail account that you own


Step 4: Type your yahoo Mail Account in to pop-up window and click on next step

gmail pop3 screenshot

Step 5: And then, enter your user name and password to add account

Step 6: Check out the box to treat your Yahoo Mail as an a.k.a. account and click on the next step

gmail pop screenshot

Step7: After then, click on send verification to get verify code in your email address

Step 8: Login in to yahoo mail account through different tab, and open confirmation mail and copy verify code

yahoomail screenshot

Step 9: Come back on your Gmail account and enter verify code, and then click on next step

gmail verification screenshot

Step 10: Go back on yahoo mail account and open contact tab from bottom of the left side.

yahoo contacts drop screenshot

Step 11: From the top of your contacts list, open Word actions and click export

yahoo contacts

Step 12: Type the code to verify your identity and hit the export tab

Step 13: Select vCard Single File and export it.

yahoo download wait

Step 14: Revisit your Gmail account, and select the down arrow from the left side and click on contacts

gmail contacts screenshot

Step 15: Open more tab and select import, and then select file from the list of downloads and click open then import

gmail choose file screenshot

Step 16: Click the More button and select “Find & merge duplicates.” Now, click merge.