Don’t Throw your Old Memory Card; Here are Clever Ideas to Use it


In the era of internet, we try to store all our important documents, memorable events, important records, etc. in the form of soft-copies, so that we can use them quickly whenever we need; without wasting time to find out hardcopies or papers. But do you know that, you can use your old memory cards to store different useful contents on those small storage devices without spending money to buy new one. With the help of your old SD cards, you can create backup of your important records and can also save format of important forms. Check out different innovative ideas to make creative use of your old memory cards.

How to use old memory cards cleverly?

Emergency Boot Device:

One of the great uses of old memory cards is to use it as an emergency boot device. You can use your small storage device to start your computer when it doesn’t start normally. You can use your old memory cards for a Linux distro and to boot Windows XP. Yes, these links are not only for USB flash drives, but also helpful to convert your SD card in USB stick to use it as an emergency boot device.


Portable Media Storage:

You can use your old or spare SD card for storage purpose. As per the storage capacity of your SD card, you can use it in different multimedia projects. You can use them to store audio and video files that you do not want to get deleted during the formatting of your PC or due to any other reason.

You can also use old SD card to store your most favorite photos and to view them on most suitable digital photo frames. You can use them as spared one to get quick access to your photos on your phone and tablet, if you have appropriate card reader.

You can store your favorite songs on it and can play whenever you want to hear by placing them in your phone or tablet.

Softmod a Nintendo Wii:

You can use your old or spared SD card to install “Letterbomb” software in your favorite Nintendo Wii to run different homebrew applications on Nintendo Wii on softmode. It will reduce your expense and you can use it as DVD player or play different homebrew plus retro games. You can also use your old memory card to play different movies.

Cheap carrier to deliver files and software to your friends:

Many times it happens that, your friends want any software or other multimedia files. At that time, you can use this small and handy SD card as storage carrier besides CD or DVD. It will help to reduce the amount of electronic wastage and you can also save some money. You don’t have to worry that your friend will return your SD card or not.

Print from SD:

You can also use old memory card for printing purpose. You don’t need wireless card or printer for your printing job. Just store all of your printing jobs on your old SD card and with the help of your printer’s card reader, you can easily print your job. Select the job you want to print and you can easily start your printing job without wireless communication.

You can use this technique not only on your home printer, but also for large scale printer to do printing job without connecting to computer.

Run a Raspberry Pii:

If you are aware about Raspberry Pi, then you know that it needs SD card as the primary boot device that is also used for data storage purpose. With more than one memory device, you can have access to different operating systems and some of the customized programs. With the help of SD card, you can install RaspBMC media center or retro gaming program RetroPIE in your little Raspberry Pii. It gives you access to different programs at one time.

GPS Expansion Card:

If you are using your GPS device on daily basis to travel at different places, then you can make a great use of your old memory cards to increase the expansion slot of your GPS system. It reduces your expense and still gives you best expansion slot for your GPS device. It helps you to download new maps and voices to give you more information about place. It is compatible with different smartphone based GPS systems.

Install CyanogenMod on your Android device:

With the daily upgrading changes that happen in Android powered smarphones, you might want to change your Android version without changing your handset. So, you can also do it with your old SD card. With the help of an open source replacement firmware for smartphones and tablet computers – CyanogenMod, you can upgrade your smartphone’s Android version. Save CyanogenMod on your memory card and install it on your smartphone to upgrade it without paying any extra money.

All in one apps storage SD:

You can download program named LiberKey on your computer first. It contains lots of useful applications. Once you save your all applications, you can upload all of them on your old SD card and can use it whenever you want. In this way, you can store lots of applications at one safe place.