Easy Laptop Maintenance Tips to run Laptop Safe and in Budget


Nowadays, trend for laptop is increasing. Almost everyone wants to replace his/her desktop PC with laptop. Laptops are very lightweight so they are portable. Businesspersons prefer laptops as this device can make their work simple and convenient. Students can learn their lessons, get connected with lecturers, classmates, and many things with use of this gadget. After some time, you may face many issues related to laptop so you need to learn some tricks that make your laptop well-organized and improve the usage of your laptop. Some easy Laptop maintenance tips to keep your laptop safe and in ideal running order are given below for your convenience.

Laptop Maintenance Tips

Easy Laptop Maintenance Tips:

Keep Laptop away from Dust:

Dust can be very harmful to your laptop as it can clog fans and block the ventilation areas of the laptop that will cause your laptop to heat up considerably. Make sure, the laptop is safe and efficient by protecting it from dust. You can protect your laptop from dust particles with the use of some simple steps, such as when your laptop is not in use, then you can cover your laptop in a casing or sleeve. If dust enters the laptop, you can utilize the small can of compressed air to explode it.


Clean the laptop regularly:

You need to use dirt free cloth to clean the screen of your laptop. Screen of the laptop contains very fragile coverings on it so it can be destroyed very easily. If any incorrect chemical or fluid is used to clean the screen, then it can be demolished lastingly. So you need to clean the screen of laptop with recommended fluid. You need to stay away from the laptop when you are eating or drinking. Keyboard of laptop easily collects grime, dirt and other small particles under the keys. You can clean the keyboard with a small-tipped vacuum or a can of compressed air. Clean screen makes sure less eye strain and clean keyboard helps in keeping keys from becoming jammed.

Do not install lots of programs in your laptop:

You need not to insert so many programs to your laptop because processor of laptop is slightly more fragile in comparison to the processor of desktop. If you install more programs on your laptop, then it will be loaded more and may cause damage/breakdown of the operating system at some point. You need to check installed programs from time to time and eliminate the unnecessary programs to protect your laptop. Do not allow many procedures in your laptop that are completely ineffective so check the running process and stop unnecessary process.

Run Disk Cleanup:

When you install program, temporary Internet files, and the recycling bin, needless files rapidly loaded on a computer. So, a disc cleanup is required to eliminate unnecessary files and keep the laptop running effortlessly. Third-party programs like CCleaner assists with Disk cleanup. However, disk cleanup may not get rid of several files like downloaded files that are no longer required. You need to read quickly these files and eliminate them from time to time for goodness of your laptop.

Keep your laptop away from heat:

An unexpected amount of heat is produced by laptop that is made to very tight thermal tolerances. So, it can be damaged by the shortest phase of prolonged temperature. You need to look after your laptop by excluding it from direct sunlight and removing it from heaters or radiators. When you know your laptop is heating up, instantaneously turn it off. Place your laptop in a cool dry area so that it will be able to work quicker and effectively.

Beware of jutting connectors:

You need to keep exterior plug-ins such as USB fans or other fancy stuff away from your laptop because these connections unswervingly affect the performance of laptop and dry battery quick. The use of laptop is most common. USB, audio and network connectors will easily connects with its sockets along its side and make them prone to knocks and jolt, as well as harm the socket and the circuit board with which it is connected to.

Stay alert of viruses:

You can prevent your laptop from damages by covering them with cases, cable running and shock guard but what you do to protect it from viruses. Viruses are very common so when your laptop connects to the internet, it is at risk of it. You can use antivirus application to protect your laptop. Toshiba laptops contain McAfee Internet Security in it. You can increase your laptop performance by carrying only one actual antivirus application such as AVG or Symantec antivirus. In this way, you need not to do a lot of maintenance for your laptop.

Other Laptop Maintenance Tips:

  • Do not play heavy games on your laptop because performance of your laptop processor and keyboard will be dangerously affected by this.
  • You need to charge the battery of your laptop only when it is dry and running at low battery to boost your battery. You can know about battery capability and balance time before it goes dry with the help of update comes from battery monitor of laptop.
  • Do not smoke near your laptop because the fumes from cigarettes are bad for the health of laptop. The harmful fumes from cigarettes can block the entrails of your laptop after some time.
  • You need to choose a laptop with shock protection. Most of laptops are coming with built-in shock protection. You will need to be extra cautious if your laptop does not include hard drive security.
  • You need to defend your laptop from moisture because this can cause harm to the motherboard and the screen.
  • You need to shut down your laptop and unplug it from the main supply previous its cleaning