Effective ways to care car during monsoon: Rainy Car Maintaining Tips


Mostly everybody loves rainy season as it gives a great relief after a long dreadful summer. No season is more beautiful than monsoon as you felt like you are in heaven by watching little drops of rain falling; enjoying cool breezes even it adds more sweetness in your life with a cup of hot tea.

Effective ways to care car during monsoon: Rainy Car Maintaining Tips
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Is this beautiful season really good for your car? Does your car love the rainy season? It is really necessary to maintain your vehicle during the rainy season, as increased humidity and moisture during the monsoons can accelerates corrosion. Don’t forget that low maintained vehicles are more prone to accidents. So, better safe than sorry and follow the given below simple ways of maintaining your vehicle during the monsoon.


Here are some important and effective ways to maintain your vehicle during the monsoon season

  • First the most important is tyre care, make it sure that all the tyres have at least 2mm of tread as it helps to avoid aquaplaning.
  • While driving your car, it is necessary to have good visibility and so your car wipers should work smoothly.
  • Brakes are most important part of the car so its condition should be in good position. As the time taken for applying brakes increases it is necessary to get service before the monsoon.
  • If any metal part is left exposed then it is necessary to touch up small scratches before the rains hit as small damages may result into heavy loss.
  • The simple way to keep your car clean is make use of rubber mats as wet carpet leaves a bad odor in the car.
  • Check that lights and indicators and fog lights regularly also check whether battery terminal is properly tightened and greased or not.
  • It is advisable to keep extra tapes, bulbs and fuse as they can be used in case of emergency.
  • It is really advisable to keep a first aid box and tool box with all the essential things.
  • AC is one of the best options to keep visibility as it helps in avoiding vapors. By keeping it on the fan mode, the problem of mist can be eradicated easily.
  • Before driving your car, it is necessary that all the four mud flaps should be well fitted as it will not only protect your car from mud but it is also safe.
  • Always use good quality of bulbs as the light which seems okay during other season may not be okay for monsoon. As during this season, wet road absorbs light that ultimately reduces the visibility.
  • The best safety element is your car insurance and make it sure that you get it renew on the time as it protects yourself and your car from an unfortunate damages.
  • Try to avoid your car parking in low-lying areas, like under the tree.
  • Before the rainy season starts, give a coat of wax as it will not allow water to come in contact with the car paint ultimately prevent rusting.
  • It is desirable to wash your car regularly as it prevents dirt, contaminants, and residues from permeating the paint. Use a good car shampoo to clean the car as it prevents scratches from the car.
  • Last and most important, drive carefully.