Get Samsung Galaxy S5 like features on your Android device


Bring some of the coolest features of Galaxy S5 to your android device using these free apps from Google Play store.

Samsung’s newest flagship device, the Galaxy S5 is currently one of the hottest devices available in the Android market. It comes with exciting new features, and it’s no wonder that everyone’s going gaga over this new high-end smartphone from Samsung. However, there’s a serious drawback to this device and i.e. its hefty price tag of $600! No matter whether you can’t afford such a premium price tag or simply you aren’t interested in Galaxy S5 device, you can still enjoy some of its coolest features on your existing Android smartphone without spending a single penny! Yes, it’s true. There are a few free apps out in Play Store that provides the same function as one of S5’s exciting features. Given below is a list of such free apps. So, download these apps and transform your Android device into a flagship Galaxy S5 device.

Samsung Galaxy S5 on hand

Heart rate sensor

One of the most noticeable features of Galaxy S5 is the integrated heart rate sensor. In Galaxy S5, there’s a built-in app called S Health. Simply by launching this app and placing your finger on the sensor (located beneath the Camera lens) will provide you a quite precise result of your heart rate per minute.

You can implement this handy feature on almost any Android smartphone with the help of an app called Runtastic HeartRate. This app works almost like Samsung’s heart rate monitor. The only difference here is that it uses the device’s camera and flash for its working. Believe it or not, the results were pretty much near from those taken with S5’s heart rate sensor. You just need to make sure that your finger covers both the camera lens and flash. What’s more, using this app you can even share your results on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and email.


Download: Runtastic Heart Rate

Private Mode

Samsung Galaxy S5 has a special private mode to help users protect their personal messages, pictures, videos, and other secret documents from other people. Enabling this mode will smartly hide all those contents that you’ve designated as private. In order to access the private content, you should toggle the feature and turn it ON, and this in turn requires you to either scan your fingerprint or enter a password or a pin.

Now, if you want to use this feature on your existing Android device, then simply head over to Google Pay store and download an app called ‘APP LOCK’. It offers similar functionality as Galaxy S5’s Private Mode. This app lets you lock contacts, messages, gallery, gmail, facebook, settings, calls, and almost any app you want with a password. You can lock the content based on the time of day, or even your device’s location. Moreover, with the help of photo and video vault feature, you can simply hide away those pictures and videos that you don’t want others to find on your device. Best of all, you can set up separate user profiles for kids, guests, or friends.

Download: AppLock

Selective Focus

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a very exciting feature that lets you refocus an image after it has been clicked. The HTC One M8 device also supports this feature. The HTC device uses the second depth-of-field sensor (that sits above the main camera) to perform Selective Focus feature, whereas the S5 uses software for the same.

Now you can get this awesome feature on your device as well. The only requirement is that your device must run Android 4.4 KitKat or higher version. Google has recently released a superb camera app with selective focus for devices running Android 4.4 or above. This new app offers an interesting feature called Lens Blur that enables users to adjust the amount of blurred background in a picture. Besides this, the app also has various creative shooting modes like Photo Sphere (for immersive 360 degree views) and Panorama.

Download: Google Camera

Kids Mode

The Galaxy S5 is the first device from the Galaxy range to feature ‘Kids Mode’. As the name suggests, this particular feature is aimed at making the device safe for young children (particularly under 10). The app gives parents the ability to prevent their kids from accessing certain applications and media content. It also converts the UI of device to a more kid-friendly layout with new icons and colorful wallpaper.

It is possible to create a customized, safe and easy-to-use environment for your kids on other Android devices too! Simply download the Kid Mode app from Play Store. With more than ten million downloads, this free app has become one of the most popular parental control apps on Android. It offers hundreds of fun educational games, videos and puzzles for kids. At the same time, you can set up different profiles and restrict access to certain apps and the main OS of the device. This means, you can prevent your kids from making calls, buying stuffs, erasing emails, or getting into some inappropriate apps. Just like Galaxy S5’s Kids Mode, this app also provides a fabulous kid-friendly interface to make it more appealing for younger users.

Download: Kids Mode from Zoodles

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