Get Your Text Messages Read Aloud with ReadItToMe Android App


Once you take mobile in your hand, no matter whether you are driving or doing exercises or anything else, your fingers will start tapping on your phone to checkout messages, missed calls etc. But this eagerness to check updates may put your life in risk when you are driving or walking in traffic and not able to check your messages. Glancing at the screen is not a viable option for all android users who wants to know all updates, so here is good news for them. A new Android App namely ReadItToMe will certainly useful to you while travelling or workout.

Get Your Text Messages Read Aloud with ReadItToMe Android App

About ReadItToMe:

If you want one android application that will read out messages, calls and app notifications for you just like you listen music or radio, then ReadItToMe is perfect application for you. ReadItToMe will start translation of your SMS as it comes into the speech format. One handy option of this application is that you can organize it to work on specific set of action or with specific contacts.

There are mainly two types of ReadItToMe application:


First type of application is free version available to download on Google Play Store.

Second Type is ReadItToMe Pro version, which reads out incoming notifications from other apps, such as WhatsApp Messenger and also allows reply with your voice action. Pro has charge of $2.74 to download.

Important characteristic of ReadItToMe:

ReadItToMe Pro feature: If you install ReadItToMe Pro in your mobile, then it will read out SMS as well as name of incoming caller, WhatsApp whole message, etc. for you.

Translate txt in local language: This feature will translate your incoming message into the local language or in any other language of your own choice. If you have installed TTS engine and Voice engine in your mobile, then you can translate your incoming message to speak out in any other languages besides just local English.

Contact Blacklist: In the ReadItToMe application, you will get facility to choose which contacts you want to read out and even at what time.

Provide privacy: If you are not comfortable to read aloud your messages in presence of any other person near to you, then you can do your privacy settings. For that you have to select specific contacts and make them to read out only when headphone is connected. You can also mute particular contacts so that you will only get notification of those messages.

Profile feature: ReadItToMe allows you to choose your profile settings based on what kind of device you choose. You can choose voice control over Bluetooth and not in headphones. If you are listening to music, then you can select to reduce the volume in headphone or to stop music on speakerphone.

Automatic: Normally, you have to on or off particular application to work but ReadItToMe will work for you automatically. Once you install it in your mobile, you will always get your SMS, calls and other app notifications to read out loud for you. When you will connect your headset to Bluetooth device or connect headphones or put on speakerphone; in the entire situation, it will work for you without doing manual on/off action every time.

Voice Reply: If you have installed ReadItToMe pro version of application, then you can also reply your messages with your own voice action.

How to install ReadItToMe in my Mobile?

Installation process of ReadItToMe application is really simple. Just follow the steps given below to install it from Google Play store:

  • Open Google Play store in your mobile browser
  • In search bar, type “readittome” to open downloading page of ReadItToMe app
  • Select the free version of ReadItToMe app
  • Click on install tab
  • Accept terms and conditions and allow the installation to complete

How to use ReadItToMe application on android phone?

Step 1: Once you install ReadItToMe in your android phone, you will get on your home screen.

Step 2: When you start it on your mobile for the first time, you have to do some of the settings. Select applicable setting icons in your profile such as what, when and how you want to read out your SMS and other notifications.

Step 3: You can organize your contact list as how and when you want to read out incoming SMS from particular contact.

Step 4: You can also set to lower down volume of your ongoing music or stop song as soon as new message come in your mobile. You can also add your own translations of different abbreviations.