How to Control TV with Htc One? Remote Control Set Up Guide


HTC’s latest flagship smartphone, HTC One comes packed with lots of new functions and features like BlinkFeed, Google Now, and more. One of the most eye-catching features of the device is its infrared (IR) blaster and pre-installed Sense TV app. Built-in IR Blaster allows you to take control of your TV and home media systems, while Sense TV app (powered by Peel) lets you to easily observe what’s on using a slick interface and tap one of your preferred shows to start viewing.

Turn your HTC One into a remote control and TV guide

According to your region, you can set up your remote controls for your TV (cable and home theater system optional) and after doing the setup, you’ll not need doing it again for the same TV and set-top box. Now let’s take a deep dive into the TV app on the HTC One – follow this user guide in order to know about how to make the most of your cell phone with a minimum fuss.

As we take our mobiles always with us wherever we go, why not utilize it as a remote control for your home theater system? The HTC One helps find out what to see – afterwards nimbly turns into an infrared remote control for your TV, set-top box, and home theater. Just with a single tap, you are able to access the TV program guide. Furthermore, you are able to use this app to change your TV channels, to control TV’s volume, to check episode details, and to schedule reminders for your favorite shows.


Set up the HTC One to control your TV

You should start by launching the TV application- Sense TV, that comes preloaded on the gadget, and then you have to mention your place, TV provider, and particular channels you obtain together with other video services you might have subscribed to such as Hulu Plus. Afterwards, pick up your favorite shows, further it will assist HTC suggest identical programs and tell you when your preferred ones will be played.

How to connect the HTC One to your TV?

First of all, see at the top of the TV app and hit the ‘Remote’ icon, then choose the ‘Start’ option and select the modules which you wish for the HTC One to control from your TV, cable box, or home theater system. Then, choose your TV brand and follow the directions given by the app in order to set up your device. Note that all of the three – TV, cable box, and home theater system – work in a different way, for instance – Verizon and Direct TV will sync with your HTC One automatically, whereas boxes from Samsung and AT&T will need to follow further steps to configure your device.

In the Sense TV app, HTC has integrated support for several manufacturers. Unfortunately, if your TV isn’t listed, then don’t worry as there is option available to set up device yourself. For this purpose, hit the “Manufacturer not listed” option and provide your TV’s brand. Here, you need to point your TV’s remote at the IR blaster in the HTC One, which is placed at the top of the gadget behind the power button, and carry out different tasks including holding down the Power, Volume, Mute, and Input buttons to line up the remote.

Choose your cable box brand and start changing the channels on the TV and controlling the DVR with just your HTC One. Setting up the HTC One to control your home theater system would be the last item on the list. Based on a particular brand, you can do various tasks like raising the volume and powering the system on. Now your HTC One is ready to power on your TV, change the settings, control the volume, and switch among channels.

The Sense TV app

If you want detailed info about TV shows and movies, then the Sense TV app is here to help you. It gives full TV schedules through the channel guide and contains built-in notifications to make sure that you never miss to watch your favorite programs. Once you set up the Sense TV app, you should learn how to fundamentally use the app like finding for what is presently on, what is upcoming, plus checking the DVR and changing the settings of the video input. For this, you have to open the Sense App and afterward click on the “Recommended” tab provided at the top of the screen. It will show a drop down menu at the top left-hand corner of the screen and then you can select the type of programming you want to watch including TV programs, movies, sports, social and a general channel guide. In addition, a Social tab will show what your friends are viewing on social-media networks.

Go to the right side and check out upcoming shows, videos stored locally on your gadget, and your scheduled reminders. Hit on a show or a movie if you want to get a summary, along with details on upcoming episodes, a share feature, and also when a definite episode will be playing. You can even access TV controls rapidly from the HTC One’s notification bar. An easy swipe of the finger will let you switch to a new show, mute the volume, access the full remote, or power off the TV.

HTC One – Turn your phone into a remote control and TV guide (Youtube Video)