How to Fix Photo names and dates with Exif Date Changer?


A Digital camera is more convenient way than a regular camera or the ones that take film as it comes with automatic settings or systems. When shot is taken with digital camera, it adds range of EXIF Data (Exchangeable image file format) that becomes helpful to find more detail about photos like picture-taken time, date, and location. Almost all digital cameras have feature to ‘burn’ the date and time of a picture onto the picture itself. It becomes helpful to organize your photo archive and even marking pictures’ GPS location. We take tons of photos with Digital camera, but some times defectively set camera time can cause lasting problems that you cannot discover until too late like a year. Not one or two, there are many situations when your digital camera records wrong time and date of picture taken. In order to avoid this frustrating situation, you should try EXIF Date Changer, a fast and efficient solution to alter the EXIF date and time for your personal image.

How to Fix Photo names and dates with Exif Date Changer?

EXIF – Exchangeable Image File data is available within JPEG images that record and store the camera setting, scene information, date/time of the photo captured, etc. EXIF date changer is really easy to use and free Windows application that enables user to modify the date of a series of image files. Moreover, it enables user to adjust the time, rename the file, and modify the copyright. With this amazing software, you can arrange personal photos in chronological way.


Using this amazing application, you can combine all the photos captured at the same day and time in one folder. By giving rename to all photos and adding caption, users can make it easier to view and sort their photos. It is best software for those who are traveling abroad as with this tool, they can modify date and time according to their traveling country. The interface of the EXIF date changer is quite straightforward because you are allowed to input the path to the source folder and select the destination where the personalized photos will be stored.

In-built settings of the camera are no longer valid for users because it can be changed according to new time zone and location. It is also useful for using two or more cameras on single computer. You just need to select the camera from which you want to process the pictures. This software makes it so simple to synchronize photographs to the accurate time and the output of individual cameras to each other.

Overall, EXIF Date Changer could be number one choice if you require this kind of tool. It works smooth and fast, so that user will not face any problem when using it. The main drawback of the software is that it allows users to add copyright information to images to protect them from unauthorized use. Furthermore, you can add credits and keywords to every image you want. It is available in both free and pro version. Unfortunately, the free version of software supports only jpg format, while PRO version supports all popular image formats like RAW, TIF, PNG, GIF, DNG, CR2, etc. You can use PRO version of EXIF Date Changer for commercial use.

How to use EXIF Date Changer?

Use of EXIF date changer is very simple; first you have to install it on your Microsoft Windows.

To install, just download and run the setup executable and follow the prompts.

As and when you install EXIF date changer on your computer, you have to select one of three available options – set date and time to a specific value, adjust time, or do not adjust the date at all.

After that, hit the “Process Photos” button.

Additionally, from the options tab, you can discover more dedicated setting to save original modification date, set file – create date to taken date and remove the original file.

Users can sort and view picture by entering some new criteria like copyright, credit, keywords, through Advanced tab.

There is also option to clear all EXIF data for JPG files.


  • Correct and fix date / time properties on your images
  • Batch process all images within folders or selected images only
  • Rename all the images to add the date / time taken
  • It is able to customize the output file name format
  • Watermark JPEG images with date time / file time / custom text
  • Add credits and keywords to every image you want
  • Facility to set first image to date / time, and then add each subsequent image with specified seconds
  • Add copyright information to your image to protect them from unauthorized use
  • Include caption


  • Freeware, Windows only
  • Access to multiple cameras supported
  • Sorting and viewing pictures according to the new criteria
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Ability to choose multiple images instead of just a single image
  • Modify as well as create photo file date
  • Rename all the images to include the Date / Time taken
  • Added more configuration options
  • Ability to update the date but leave time as the original time
  • Ability to customize the output file name format


  • Free version supports only JPG format

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