How to Hide/Disable/Remove Google Everything Sidebar?


Google Everything Sidebar is now Live :

Google being the most popular search engine, without any doubt, in the whole world has currently launched a new sidebar called Google Everything in May 2010. Although this may seem that they had intentions to give you more options for search what they have ended up doing is, upset faithful users of this search engine.

It makes no sense to have a Google Everything search bar at the left side of the page when similar options are provided at the top of the page as well. Normally, when you search in Google, the results are displayed starting from the extreme left and most people have been used to this since day one. Now, things have suddenly changed and people find it difficult and have to adjust their vision from the default extreme left to some place closer to the center.

How to Hide/Disable/Remove Google Everything Sidebar from Firefox & Chrome

The Google page looks cramped and the subtlety of the website has diminished with this new look. The minimalistic yet highly useful interface has transformed into a clustered interface that is disliked by many. The “Everything” option would help you to search all kinds of content for a given query, the “Images” option helps you search through the Google Images section, “Video” options helps you land onto the Google videos section, “Maps” show you Google maps and so on. The funny thing is we already had these options well conveniently at the top of the Google page and still continue to have it. Then why the new interface with the Google Everything bar?.. is the question of the moment.


There is just one option called “Updates” which is something unique and it allows you to search in Real Time with data that belongs to different social media websites and new portals. This is in use when you are looking for latest trends and news. So just for this single option I do not think that we deserve to be punished this way. All those who are keen on getting the Google Everything removed please read on further to know-how to get rid of it as soon as possible.

For Mozilla Firefox users:

You first need to install the Firefox Greasemonkey Plug-in from Once you install it, restart the browser and proceed to the next step. Now visit this that has the script to disable the Google Everything sidebar. Click on install and the script would add automatically to the Greasemonkey and enable it. Alternatively, you can click here and enable or disable the Google Everything sidebar. This works only for search results.

For Google Chrome users:

You need to install a Google Chrome Extension from here : and uninstall the Google Everything sidebar. You would find a new icon next to the Address Bar in Google, with the Extension Enabled right away, hiding the Google Options section totally in Chrome Browser.

For Internet Explorer & Opera Users:

Internet Explorer & Opera users can use this direct link to get back the old Google user interface

If you need permanent options of removing the unwanted sidebar from your web browsers you could also refer to this website It give you valuable information on how to ensure you have the sidebar is disabled in the most safest and intrusive way.