How to increase battery life of Windows phone? Tips and Tricks


Battery backup is one of the biggest issues of high-end Smartphone. At present, the mobile technology has reached big levels, but unfortunately there has not been any progression in burning up of phone’s battery. Battery life problems are not only with android or iOS devices, but now it’s happened also in Microsoft’s latest OS Window 8. Generally, people use smartphones to watch videos, play funny games, chat with friends, and more…all these consume more battery power than of talk time. It’s being irritating when battery power ran out in the middle of an important meeting or during a long flight, so it’s become necessary to maintain your battery life for a long time. There is a lot you can do to increase the battery life of your window phone. To boost up your battery life, find out all settings and option that can give your battery life a serious boost. Follow below mentioned tips and tricks to boost up battery life of window phone.

How to increase battery life of Windows phone

Increase battery life of window phone:

Turn on Battery Saver:

Battery saver is one of the best features of window 8 phone, so turn on it. When you on battery saver in your phone, it will automatically turn off all unnecessary features running in the background and increase the battery life. It stops updating the live tiles, also turn off all running apps, stops automatic syncing of mail and calendar.

You can turn on battery saver mode from setting menu. Battery saver mode automatically activate when the battery life falls below 20%. But, you can turn on it manually anytime.

Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC

Generally, we forget to turn of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity after sharing file and using internet connection. Keeping the Bluetooth turned on for all the time will consume more battery, so turn off it after using it. Wi-Fi connectivity also consumes more battery as well your internet data, so save from such unwanted expense by turning off it.

Screen Brightness:

This is the one area which also uses too much battery, so when you are using your window phone indoor, then lower the brightness of screen to save battery.

Lock screen:

Generally lock screen is set with 1 minute automatic time out, but to save battery you can set it to lower value.

Email sync:

If you have activated push email notifications on your mobile phone for getting email, then select manual sync from email setting menu in case of low battery. To change the synchronization setting, you have to tap Email+Rccounts, choose your email account, and download new content and then change the time interval.

Turn off unwanted application:

Close or uninstall unwanted applications that are still running in the background, to save batter life.

Keep dark background theme:

Window phone comes with both dark and light theme. Many of us do not know that theme can also effect on battery life especially on super AMOLED display. So, prefer dark background theme for your phone and maintain your battery life for a long time.

Keep Cellular data connection turned off whenever, not in use

Cellular Data connection (HSDPA or LTE) consumes lot of battery, so when you are using internet connection your battery falls down quickly. All Windows Phone 8 have balanced battery life for HSDPA, but on the LTE mode utilizes maximum battery life. So, turn off the data connection whenever you don’t need it.


Backing up your data is so important but it gets less battery if you did it manually. To save your battery, Disable all automatic backup option. When you are prepared to back up your data, activate those options.

Games and video features:

Keep turn off “Connect with Xbox”, “Sync game requests”, and “Connect with Xbox Music” whenever don’t need them.

Following above mentioned tips and tricks, you will definitely boost up battery life also you can enjoy more features of such high end device.