How to Manage and Sync Contacts on Nokia Asha 501?


Nokia’s Asha series is already very popular and now the Finnish manufacturer is ready to interrupt the market once again with the Nokia Asha 501. A stunner in terms of looks, Nokia Asha 501 is a fantastic package for its price, delivering a high quality user experience; something which is hard to obtain in this price range Rs. 4500-5000. The device is accessible in either single or dual-SIM configuration and it seems to fit perfectly within the budget of an entry level touchscreen cell phone user. If you wish to know how speedy and responsive the Asha platform is, then just try scrolling fast through your contacts on Nokia Asha 501. People who have numerous contacts are also able to search any person within seconds as the handset has fastest scrolling experience. Read on to know step-by-step guidance to manage and sync contacts on Nokia Asha 501.

How to Manage and Sync Contacts on Nokia Asha 501?

Whenever we get a new mobile phone, mostly first of all we wish to set up the contacts. This could be an annoying procedure; however it’s pretty simple to transfer the contacts from your current phone to Asha 501. Now no need to manually input lots of contacts individually as there are many ways available through which you can add and transfer contacts to your Asha 501.

Suppose you want a contact number hurriedly, for that just hold down the growth bar that runs down the right part of the display, and then you can move between the A-Z of your contacts at distort speed. Each letter is provided its own color and also you can favorite an individual contact and it’ll emerge as a big tile on the top of your contacts list. Furthermore, the screen provides you speedy access to recently dialed or favorite numbers on top in type of Colorful Tiles just like Windows Phone, although not exactly the same. See right on top of this a Search option in which you type and find a particular person.


Nokia Asha 501 Phone book and Contacts

Get a list of names and pictures only in the phonebook. A search field is given at the top while a hidden alphabetical scrubber on the right. If you want to see an Advanced menu and an Add new contact shortcut, then swipe up from the bottom of the list. You will get the actual contact details on a wholly redesigned screen – the contact’s picture on the left and the contact’s name right beside it. As well, a small star is available on the right, which is able to promote the contact to your Favorites list. You can add different details to your contacts such as numbers, ringtone, mail address or a URL; even select where to save your contacts – SIM 1, SIM 2 or the phone memory. Two sorting options include – by first or last name. Contacts can be also copied, moved, connected to another contact or deleted easily whichever way you prefer – individually or in bulk.

Sync and Manage your contacts on Nokia Asha 501

How to manage your contacts?

We often add new contact as we meet new colleagues and friends, so to do this on the Nokia Asha 501, swipe up and choose ‘Add new contact.’ Managing your contacts on this phone is simple, quick as well as highly intuitive.


These days the use of social networks is increasing at an unbelievable rate, and people store lots of their details in it. Considering this factor, Asha 501 allows you to sync images and info of your friends on services like Facebook and Twitter to your contacts. For this purpose, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, choose ‘Accounts’ and after that + icon placed at the bottom. You have to login to your Nokia account as well as your social network account.

Get alternatives to sync all friends, sync with existing contacts or not to sync at all. Though you’ve already got all your contacts stored on the Asha 501, this is an extremely fast and straightforward way of adding pictures to your friends’ contact details.


You are able to import nearly 1500 contacts over Bluetooth without any problem that too speedily and it is rather simple to explore them either through scroll or search. It works with any Bluetooth device and the final result is outstanding as the names, numbers as well as emails – all these can be transferred appropriately. For this purpose, first of all you should turn ON Bluetooth on both the devices – the Asha 501 and the other phone (For example – take Nokia Asha 309).

  • For no contacts stored – only tap ‘Copy Contacts > Another device’
  • For contacts stored – swipe up from the bottom to approach the menu, choose ‘Copy contacts > Import to phone > Another device’

You need to keep both devices very close to each other as the process of Bluetooth pairing starts instantly. You have to grant permission on both phones to connect and be asked to verify that a particular code matches. After the pairing procedure completes, see all the contacts transferred automatically in the blink of an eye.

Android phones:

If you currently own an Android phone and want to transfer contacts from it to your new Asha 501, then using this Bluetooth method works wonders here also. Check out below options with the help of free Android apps:

Using Bluetooth File Transfer, transfer all types of files between two devices and even it is good and straightforward way to send contacts. Pair up your Android device and the Asha 501 as usual. After that, click on the phone’s hardware key and get Bluetooth File Transfer’s ‘more’ menu. Choose the ‘send contacts’ option and begin transferring individual contacts or all of them to your Asha 501.

How to send individual contacts for Android?

Suppose you just need to do slight updates to your phonebook, then it’s also super easy to send individual contact details to your Asha. For this purpose, open the contact that you wish to share, press the menu button, and afterward hit ‘Send contact’. It’s not only simple to select ‘Messaging’ from the list, but also pick other options such as ‘Email’ and ‘Bluetooth’.


Using iPhone, you can send contacts through text message. First of all, open the contact that you want to send on your iPhone, then scroll down and hit ‘Share contact’. Select ‘Message’, and afterward enter your new phone number. As soon as you get message on your Nokia Asha, just open it and click ‘Save’.

SIM card:

Some people prefer to store contacts on their SIM cards. If you fall under this category, and are using the same SIM in a new phone, then it’s easy to have the same contacts on new one. If you have the Easy-Swap Dual-SIM version of Nokia Asha 501, then you could get benefit of having a personal SIM and a SIM for work, with various contacts on both.

How to import contacts from a SIM card?

  • For no contacts stored – hit ‘Copy Contacts > SIM1/SIM2’ (you may have provided a name to your SIM)
  • For contacts stored – swipe up from the bottom to bring up the menu, choose ‘Copy contacts > import to phone > SIM1/SIM2’

Once you choose the SIM card that you want to import the contacts from, the transfer procedure will begin.

vCard files:

A vCard is saved as a .vcf file – the Internet standard for sharing contact. The Asha 501 lets you to import and export your contacts as vCards. If you have saved your contacts as a file on a desktop computer (email providers and programmes generally let you to export all your contacts as a .vcf file), then you have to obtain this file on your Asha 501 – here comes mini-SD card. The way is same here also – ‘Copy contacts > Import to phone > Files.’ Search the file where it has been saved on your device, and then choose it. You will get the message “Start importing contacts to your phone?” hit ‘Yes’.

Similarly, in order to export your contacts on your Asha 501, just head over to ‘Copy contacts > Export from phone’ and pick a place – you can pick a folder on the device or save it on a SIM card.