How to overcome Nokia Lumia 800 battery life problem?


Tips to solve Battery life problem in Nokia Lumia 800:

Most recognized Telecommunication Company, Nokia is best known for their long-time battery life, but currently its battery issues has surprised to people. The latest launch of Nokia Company, Lumia 800 is reported with unexpected battery issues, which is faced by several users. The battery life of Nokia 800 is lower than actual capacity. Nokia 800 is not simple mobile but it is flagship device of Nokia, which is being sold in India at very high price (approximately Rs, 29,990). The latest battery issue not only surprised people but also shocked the company. When the issue arrived on the site, the company could not understand how it was?

How to overcome Nokia Lumia 800 battery life problem?

Nokia came to know this problem when users started to comment in various social media that the Nokia Lumia 800 phone showed lower battery capacity than actual. When they know about the problem, they immediately started to investigate this problem to understand how it created. The battery-life problems actually created due to the software fault, which is restraining the phone’s ability to access the full battery capacity. The fans of Nokia are being disappointed due to this problem; but they should not worry about it because Nokia is planning to release software update together with several improvements early in next year. If you cannot wait for software update, then you can replace your phone at Nokia center.


Some users do not know that their phone is affected or not. They can check it out with diagnostic tool which is already available in their device and select battery status. While checking, if you get full charge capacity less than 1000 mAh, it means your phone is affected with this specific issue and you may discover that it requires charging your phone more frequently than normal. Users must dial ##634# to open the diagnostics tool.

Nokia also offers some best tips and tricks to enhance your battery life, which is described below with complete details.

1, Go around on battery saver which comes from setting menu. Please keep in mind one thing that when your battery saver is on, your phone will not run more time: automatically receive calendar and email updates, update some Live Tiles and permits apps to run in the background.

2, Switch on Bluetooth when you require it.

3, If your phone is supported with Wi-Fi network, then stop your phone scanning, for this select setting –Wi-Fi -off.

4, Reduce the regularity of email synchronization by selecting setting> email+accounts> YourEmail > Download new content.

5, Use dark theme for your phone and application, if your phone is offered with it.

6, Decrease the brightness of screen which also use more battery.

7, Instead of GPRS connection, use Wi-Fi connection to connect to the internet.

8, Switch on navigator service when you need.

9, Stop unnecessary background applications.

10, Instead of loudspeaker, use wired headphones.

11, Turn off useless sounds and functions, for example vibrate.

12, Turn off “connect with Xbox LIVE” when not required.

13, Charge full battery with original charger and check out battery information from battery saver.

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