How to type on Android device using any PC’s keyboard?


While modern Smartphone comes with list of in-built features, although many people still have complaints about typing a message on Smartphone that’s why they still prefer to type on their computers rather than on their phones. If your phone is completely touch screen and lacks a physical keyboard, then you can’t bring up the keyboard everywhere for typing as and when required. Now, you can solve this exact problem using latest Wi-Fi Keyboard application that allows you to connect your computer keyboard and your Android phone via Wi-Fi for easy cross-device typing and text sharing. It is best keyboard for keyboard-less phones like Nexus One. Using this application, you can type on your Android phone at any place direct from computer browser. The best thing about the application is that it is quite simple to configure, as well does not require any complicated connection methods.

How to type on Android device using any PC’s keyboard?

This application works as ordinary input method. To use this application, you have to use Wi-Fi for low latency input. It does not work on Internet Explorer, so you must have a Chrome browser on your computer. It allows you to do typing on your main machine that is connected to the same Wi-Fi network. It’s really good application through which you can handle your email and chat. USB connection of the application is best, but it requires some technical knowledge and attached cable. The app is licensed under GPL2 and the size of app is just 16.76 KB.


How to use it?

Before getting started, you have to download Wifikeyboard from Google Play store and install it in your mobile phone.

As soon as you install application, you will get instructions about how to use.

How to type on Android device using any PC’s keyboard?

First you have to open phone settings menu, and then choose language and keyboard option to enable WifiKeyboard.

After that, allow the keyboard app to capture keystrokes.

Next, go to any app where you can select the input method.

How to type on Android device using any PC’s keyboard?

You can do this for messaging. Bring up the writing area and long press it to obtain the input selection.

After that enter input method menu and choose Wi-Fi keyboard in the next screen.

For using Wifikeyboard, you have to turn On the Wi-Fi on your phone and then connect the Wi-Fi to the same network to which you can connect your PC. Now, process of phone setting is complete.

Then connect your PC to the Wi-Fi network and open the URL and you will see a page with text box. Long press any input field and alter the input method to “Wifikeyboard”.

As and when you alter input method, the status will change to connected.

You can type anything into the text box and at the same time it will become visible on your phone as text input.

You can also paste any copied text into the box to transfer long piece of text.

This becomes useful while typing messages and playing games.

F4 button will switch the mode of Wifikeyboard from the current immediate mode to “edit”, and “submit” mode.

This mode allows you to make a change in text and then submit changes by hitting again F4.


  • A user-friendly Smartphone app
  • Well-matched with Android devices
  • Allows you to type on your Android phone using computer keyboard
  • Uses a Wi-Fi connection between your computer and phone

Video of Wifi Keyboard for Android from youtube: