Motorola Connect Chrome extension – Send and receive texts from your computer


Smartphone is like a pocket-sized computer that lets us to surf internet, listen to music, read books, or play games along with phone calls. But the reality is – we spend our half day sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen. Sometimes owing to heavy burden of work, we can’t check out our phones and miss most important phone calls, messages, emails or other communication. No need of moving your eyes from your PC now to check out phone calls and messages because recently Motorola Connect Chrome extension has been published in the chrome webstore by Motorola for getting incoming calls and reading text messages right from your desktop or laptop. To use this extension, you will need either one of the three new DROID Smartphone or latest Moto x.

Motorola Connect Chrome extension - Send and receive texts from your computer

With this new launch, Motorola will bridge the gap between your Phone and PC. It makes your computer friendlier by permitting you to read your text messages and review incoming calls direct from the chrome browser. In addition to obtain phone calls and messages on your desk browser, it also allows user to respond messages straight from the chrome browser. However you can not respond your phone calls with this extension. Motorola connects is not exactly innovative application but it’s really handy app for those one who spends long hours in front of their PC/laptop.


The Chrome extension comes with Android’s modern card/holo-based look and feel. At present, it’s unknown whether the connection is made over your Bluetooth, cloud-based solution, or local network. Motorola is not the first company that gives ability to access phone calls and text messages on chrome browser, but it might be one of the simpler achievements of it on the Android side. The main drawback of the extension is that currently it can be used only on Motorola’s own devices.

How to use:

Motorola connect is chrome extension that’s why you have to install it first on your computer.

To do this, visit Google Chrome web store ( and search Motorola connect.

Then hit on Add the chrome tab.

As soon as you hit the tab, confirm message will appear on your PC, click on add button for installation.

After installation, agree the terms and conditions to use Motorola connect.

As and when you accept condition; it will take you on Motorola site, at where you have to register by using Motorola ID that is sent you at your email address.

Before the registration, it will try to connect your phone through email address.

Once you connected to chrome extension, you will be able to enjoy its features on your PC.

Feature of Motorola Connect:

Once you installed it on your PC or laptop, you will display the number of unread messages in your Google voice inbox.

Within this extension, you can access your most recent message with voicemail playback and transcripts. Moreover, you can also initiate calls and send free text messages just by typing contact name and number.

When new messages arrive on your phone, it gives audible alert.

Through the Google voice service, you can make your phone numbers on websites callable.

It makes phone numbers on websites callable via Google Voice just by clicking on them.

Note: If you have installed Skype extension on your PC, then Voice extension will not turn number in to call links.


  • It is supported on Moto X, DROID ULTRA, DROID MAXX and DROID MINI
  • Allow you to get phone calls as well view, compose and send text messages
  • Best for people who spends long hours in front of PC


  • Support only Motorola’s own devices
  • It can’t reply the phone calls
  • Incompatible with Skype extension