How to use MyScript Stylus on Android for handwriting input text?


An interactive handwriting recognition application – MyScript Stylus allows real-time text input with either a stylus or your finger directly on the Android devices.

There is no shortage of good alternative keyboards for our Android devices whether smartphones or tablets, however here is a new alternative to cover all tastes and requirements. The handwriting recognition was said to be outstanding when Vision Objects came with MyScript Calculator on the Google Play store. Now the company has released an alternative to onscreen and physical keyboards – MyScript Stylus Beta, which provides you a small writing space where the keyboard generally is. No matter what you scribble in, it will be turned into text and placed into any field on the device in real time.

MyScript Stylus handwriting recognition app

As the MyScript Stylus app is in beta version, you can try it for free right now. MyScript Stylus is intended for all types of touch-screen devices such as capacitive, multi-touch, etc. Moreover, you can use this app on any Android smartphones and tablets running on Android 3.0 and up. You will be glad to know that it supports 54 languages. Cursive English identification is even supported when combined with Asian languages (Japanese, Chinese, and Korean).This powerful and interactive handwriting recognition application replaces the keyboard in all application needed text entry like SMS, MMS, web browser, email, text editor, task manager, calendar, directory, and so on. As well, it makes use of intuitive gestures to edit text like Insert line breaks; Delete characters, words or sentences; Insert spaces; Join words and even overwrite a character to change it.


Step-by-step process to use MyScript Stylus:

To get started the use of MyScript Stylus on Android, your first step is to visit the Google Play store and then install a copy of the MyScript Stylus Beta. Currently, the beta version of the app is available for free of cost, but in future it could either remain free or go the same track as the MyScript Notes Mobile app ($7.94) by including a ‘price tag’.

Once you install the app, hit the MyScript Stylus icon in your app drawer in order to start the enabling procedure. Your next step is to download the language packs of your preference, and then get a quick link to your Settings section to enable the keyboard.

If you want to get the practical idea for using MyScript Stylus on Android, then it is suggested to see the gesture video given below.

MyScript Stylus preview video from youtube: