Playing with Wolfram Alpha – Tips and Tricks


If you are one of those lob-headed people who love intelligence behind virtually and love to develop and grow the same then this one is especially for you. Wolfram Alpha is one of the most intelligent websites that the Internet world is seeing right now. For those of you who are new to it Wolfram Alpha is an answer engine that is made by Wolfram Research , a team that is devoted to excellence in research. The site is currently ranked at around 3500 thousands on the Alexa ranking scale and is fast gaining popularity. Most of you will be astonished to know that the site has opened to public only about an year ago in 2009. However the truth that we have in front of us is that the site is not being used to the fullest of its potential by the masses around the world mainly because of the lack of knowledge among the people. Here is a set of tips and tricks that can be used to play more with the Wolfram.

Playing with Wolfram Alpha - Tips and Tricks

1. Pick a topic suitable for Wolfram: The wolfram answer engine is not the same as Google. It is of course far more intelligent and hence provides much better results than the Google search engine, provided that you provide queries from its own domain. Wolfram is a lover of maths and science and hence relevant queries from these two fields provides excellent answers. However, one should avoid searching for vague search terms (which of course is the specialty of the Google search engine. Wolfram is also not very strong on topics like public figures actors, singers, events etc. on which of course Google has an iron hand.


2. Keep it short and simple: It is not that we are undermining the potential of the wolfram. However like all other similar engines, the Wolfram perform the best when the latter is used with short and simple queries, although the engine has been devised in such a way that it would give you some result whatever you type however the results will be much accurate and useful if the queries are small simple and more precise.

3. Comparisons Comparisons ! : The Wolfram Alpha answer engine gives you the luxury of comparing stuff with each other or against each other, imagine that you need to know that amongst the two given roads in India which one is longer. Suppose that you need to know the lengths of the GT road and the NH5 you can type the same and the two roads get highlighted in the map along with their details which can then be compared to find the desired results.

4. URL information at your fingertips: IF you are owning a website then you should be thankful to wolfram for incorporating this feature this feature enables the users to have all the information about any site on their fingertips how they want and when they want it? You can get your site’s Alexa rank the number of visitors onboard and the total number of visitors to the site as well.

5. Monitor the data transfer rate on your network: Sometimes before planning a huge internet related task you need to make an estimation of the amount of time that you are going to use. The data amount that can be sent from your system and the data amount that can be received can also be monitored using Wolfram Alpha giving us the average up and down rates using which the required parameters can be estimated.

So, there it is guys, five amazing Wolfram Alpha Tips and trick do not forget to let us know yours in the comments section below.