Romantic Picnic Ideas For Your Next Date


With the climate turning warmer now is the perfect time to think outdoors and add a dash of romance to your life. Imagine yourself laying on the lap of love divine on a picnic blanket in the shade of a huge old tree, nibbling on a little delicacy while staring into your partners eyes, talking about nothing and everything. Fresh air, delicious food, birds chirping, grass growing, romance … what more can you ask for? The world can’t be more at peace and life at ease. After all, love is the fuel that drives the world, and an opportunity at enhancing romantic explorations only keeps that engine warm and run more miles. Make it as romantic as you please by inviting friends and couples to make it a truly memorable outing for all. But if you want to keep it to yourselves, then picnics of the romantic variety work best in secluded or remote locations.

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Grab a picnic basket a blanket and head to a scenic spot to enjoy each others undivided company. There is nothing more romantic than driving a date to a really cool place, somewhere beautiful like a cliff or lonely park or something along those lines and spending the whole day indulging and exploring each other understanding of love and romance.


There are usually lots of options for a picnic destination some near, some far, and some always better than others. Options sometimes muddle the experience. So visit an area that you intend to picnic before going on a picnic there. Taking a loved one or a date to an unknown destination may bring along unwanted surprises. Stick to areas familiar to you. Hopefully, you can park your vehicle fairly closely so you can return to it quickly if an emergency arrives. If you’re an experienced outdoorsman, explore and try to find the perfect spot, but if you’re new to hiking, it’s not one of the classic date ideas to get lost. A healthy supply of food and drink are very important and pack some extra clothes that are warm and thick along with a blanket to sit on. Take along towels for an unexpected swim and throw in some mosquito repellant in case of pesky bugs. A compass and a flashlight would also help.

Check List for a Romantic Picnic:

The following is a Romantic Picnicker’s check list:

  • Blankets and cushions,
  • Plates, glasses, napkins and at least 1 sharp knife
  • food and drink, (don’t forget a bottle opener)
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent
  • A first aid kit
  • A CD player with mood music (make sure the batteries are charged)
  • Food and deserts to feed each other, (chocolates and strawberries, if you please).
  • A picnic menu is best if kept simple. Try cold chicken or meats, a selection of cheeses, fresh fruit like grapes and strawberries, dips and of course a fresh bakes. Foods you can share or even better feed to each other are winners.
  • Champagne or wine work well for most picnics, but don’t forget to take plenty of water it is easy to get dehydrated on a hot summers day. To keep ants away sprinkle talcum powder around your picnic site, ants can’t stand the smell or feel of it and won’t cross the barrier you have set up.