Turn any webpage to print friendly PDF using Joliprint


PDF (Portable Document Format) has been a standard format for exchanging documents with friends or colleagues. Adobe invented PDF format as an open standard in 1993. This standard has become now global after continuous evolution since 17 years.


Ever required to save any web page in a format sharable with friends, printable and readable on mobile devices? Now it is possible to convert any web page to printer friendly PDF file. Joliprint.com asks you to specify URL of the article you want to print out as PDF. Just enter the URL and hit the Joliprint it! This will open or download PDF version of the web page you entered.

b4tea.com web version

Web Version of www.b4tea.com

To make your everyday PDF conversion easy, just drag JoliPrint Bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmark toolbar. You can also integrate PDF & Print Button plug-in for wordpress blog. Using bookmarklet is very easy. On your favorite article page, just hit the bookmarklet link and the browser will open/download a printer friendly, PDF formatted version of the document. When you open the downloaded pdf, you will find nice, attractive two column document of the page saved, with page numbers, nice headers, website name, hyperlinks and pictures.

b4tea.com pdf version

PDF Version of www.b4tea.com converted with JoliPrint

Tips: To use JoliPrint for your google reader news items,

  • Save Joliprint bookmarklet on your bookmark bar
  • Open your Google Reader and select the article you want to convert
  • Hit the Joliprint bookmark and it will turn the selected article into a PDF