How to use Dryft keyboard to improve touch typing on Tablets?


Dryft virtual keyboard from Swype Co-Founder claims to make typing on tablets easier and fast upto 80 word per minute.
We will show how to setup and use this software keyboard that follows fingertips to improve speed while touch typing.

Tablets are grabbing a bigger chunk of the computing market. Although tablets have become so popular, typing on them is not so comfortable. Those who have spent significant timetyping on a tablet know that in spite of big screen size, there is a margin for error. To improve touch typing on tablets, Randy Marsden (co-founder of Swype) has come up with a new on-screen keyboard named Dryft. Randy Marsden partnered with Rob Chaplinsky to launch Dryft keyboard software.

How to Setup Dryft keyboard to improve touch typing on Tablets?

Dryft keyboard was launched on 9th September at TechCrunch Disrupt. At present, it is in beta development. It is the fastest way for touch typing on tablet’s screen. It is extremely easy to use. This virtual keyboard allows you to type easily and quickly on touch screens. Users are able to type 80 words per minute. It makes the user’s typing experience more comfortable and accurate.

It tracks the user’s fingers and automatically repositions the home row keys under your fingers, no matter where they are on the screen. So, users no longer have to look for the home row keys anymore. The remaining keys emerge around home row keys. It is the first dynamic keyboard in the industry to have finger-tracking technology. The keyboard layout is designed in such a way that users can type without looking at keys.


The Dryft keyboard uses touch sensor and accelerometer sensor for detecting if your fingers are resting or typing something. This allows users to rest their fingers on the screen much like they would with an actual keyboard. The combination of touch and accelerometer sensor also lets users to type faster and more naturally. This keyboard is transparent, so users can see the keys and the content below the keyboard.

It is compatible with nearly all the language models. The creators are in search of developers, OEM customers and investors to fund Dryft keyboard and incorporate it on their devices. Dryft keyboard will not be available as a downloadable app just like swype. The company is planning to license its technology to app developers and for use on all major operating systems.

How to use Dryft keyboard?

To get started, just rest all the fingers on the tablet’s screen and the home row keys will form around your finger. Then, you can begin typing as normal.

Video of Dryft from youtube: