Useful Tips for Job Seekers


The internet is an extremely powerful tool for Job Seekers as it provides cost effective and quick options to get your resume in front of a giant amount of companies and hiring managers. Take advantage of popular new social networking and idea sharing platform of in order to boost your job search efforts. Pinterest is the fastest growing social network regarding which everyone is talking about. It had 12 million unique visitors as of January 2012 through ComScore.

Similar to Facebook or Twitter, job seekers are using their Pinterest account for sharing portfolio work, personal content as well their resumes. Now, it’s time to raise up your job search even more by placing your resume on Pinterest. Check out different ways, which use Pinterest’s unique qualities to assist you for searching a job or to change the career. A fine Pinterest strategy will assist employers in obtaining a more complete picture of the sort of person you are and what kind of employee you’re probable to be.

Useful Tips for Job Seekers

LinkedIn is an online resume and job search engine, Craigslist gives a wealth of daily postings, Facebook and Twitter may help you land all essential interviews and has cornered the market on digital job hunting resources. Well, the options don’t stop here, as one more social networking site, Pinterest, lets users to share content in a highly-visual, pinboard layout as well provide you another, exclusive way into the job market. For those who are not familiar with, it is basically a virtual pin board that permits them to share and mark content that they find interesting and comparative to personal interests.

For example, a “pinner” might have a pin board titled “Food and Recipes” where one can “pin” specific recipes for future purpose. The objective of Pinterest is to connect everybody in the world, particularly through the sharing of tastes and interests. Its recent outburst in popularity help this site to enlarge further than porcupine photos, charming baby, dog and wedding event planning tips, which are yet plentiful.


Different tips to use Pinterest during your Job Search

Follow the companies you are interested in working with

Both big and small Companies promptly comprehend the value of Pinterest for their sales and marketing, for instance – Zappos and Whole Foods. Although, the first thing that come to your mind may not be Pinterest to enhance job search efforts, it can be really pretty helpful. The very first method which you can utilize towards your job search is to find, and then follow the company you wish to work with. Once you start following a user or company, you can observe the pin boards which they have set up in addition to the pieces of content they are viewing at present. Those pin boards may help you acquire a sense of the company’s priorities, culture, outreach strategies and general tone. What is their major marketing focus? Are they casual or buttoned-up? Which language do they utilize to talk regarding themselves and their products? These insights may assist you in crafting stand-out, customized job applications that demonstrate you’ve completed your homework and recognize the company.

Besides following companies on Pinterest, there is also other option available for you i.e. use the website to self-promote. To be employer-friendly, create a Pinterest account by setting up pin boards and pins that what relate to you and your proficiency.

Build a Job-Search Pinboard

Making Pinterest account is the first step in using Pinterest for your job search. After you set up an account, generate your personal pinboard which showcases you as person. It is very easy way to share links with potential employers even this reveals that you’re up on the most recent social media and networking trends. Pin items to your board as it is an excellent strategy that provide prospective employers a good idea of who you are and what’s significant to you Moreover, you should give a meaningful name and description to your Pinboard. For instance, “My Personal Brand” or get bold and artistic with names like “I Need a Job” or “Why Hire Me?”

Keep in mind that a personal job-search pinboard must harmonize the personal brand that you’ve previously documented on your other social media outposts. Don’t forget to pin interesting pics, videos, or blog articles as it help tell your story or display potential employers why you’d be a good hire for them. As well, you can create an info graphic representation of your resume and upload that to your own job-search board. There are endless possibilities still make sure that whatever you pin would be related and suitable for the companies you’re targeting.

Follow job associated Pinboards, college career offices and career experts

It is recommended to try following job placement companies on Pinterest including FlexJobs, InsideJobs, and JobBook. For establishing a good rapport with these companies, use the engagement strategies. Networking is the key to a successful job search, as per mostly all recruiters. Try to find other job seekers by innovative searches such as “find a job” or “looking for a job.” Here, your target should not be just to get a definite job but to network with as many people as possible and let them know you’re seeking for a job or a chance to transform careers.

Pinterest is being used brilliantly by some college career folks for providing expert job suggestion to college students and current grads. No matter whether your school’s career office is on Pinterest or not, as you could follow any of those, such as the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, the University of Pennsylvania, and Bucknell University. All these offices contain pin boards for job search tips, professional dress, and career research. For helping job seekers, self-governing career experts are making use of Pinterest. Career advice and inspiration are provided by the sites like The 405 Club, Brazen Careerist, Career Bliss, and FlexJobs.

Find and examine potential employers

Before applying and interviewing, explore prospective employers by viewing their websites and social media pages. As day by day, more companies are joining Pinterest, you ought to add it to your list of places to explore and connect with the potential employers. If suitable, you might also wish to state something you viewed on their Pinterest boards while an interview is going on. For example – “I saw that you pinned a photo from your latest all-staff kick-off meeting on Pinterest or Can you inform me more regarding that meeting?”

Candidate marketability

Follow the Pinterest boards of human resource directors and recruiters or Pinterest boards of their companies to find out what they desire basically. Few companies post boards focused on human resource and management tips, which in turn can provide you insight on the kinds of professional they support. Some even post boards which characterizes insight on sorts of candidates they prefer for working at their companies, the credentials they are seeking for and also individual boards for job titles.

Consider interview outfits

It is always required to wear professional and suitable dress for an interview, and you should not unavoidably take a one-outfit-fits-all approach for every job. Take a look on some major points of the company before going for an interview, like when the company was founded? Which kind of dress code they impose and also note down the person with whom you will have to meet? To obtain motivation, produce a board under the men’s or women’s apparel sections and pin various tops, suits, accessories or outfit ideas which are interview-suitable.

Make use of Pinterest to motivate your own self

Pinterest is a simple way to overwork your senses with the stuffs you adore. Generate pin boards to make yourself smile dizzily, loudly laugh and merely experience GOOD. In order to put your mind in a joyful, confident place, before going to a job interview look at your motivational eye candy for some minutes. More networking is better for your job search or career exploration. Pinterest is a new, though prettier, mode to connect with people, learn regarding companies and their cultures, and push your own self up for successful career.