Useful Tips to Find out the Fake Facebook Accounts


One potential survey displayed that approximate 83 million fake accounts are running on the very popular social networking site “FACEBOOK”, which has become the favorite destination for scammer and scum bags phishes at the present time. At the time of using a Facebook account, you may have got many unknown friends request, in which you will find so many fake profiles that can theft your information. Fake profile holders use social engineering strategy to hit the innocent people as well performs some complicated phishing scams to down the track. In computer terminology, the users with fake profiles called as “bots”and they create fake accounts, profiles, make friends with real users also interact with them for the sole purpose of scamming. Facebook engineers are continuously developing techniques to defeat socialbots…..but chariness is better to prevent our accounts from hackers.

The main intention behind creating the fake profile is – stealing personal information, spying on people, spamming and promotion and just for fun….When you receive friends request from unknown person in facebook, then beware yourself because that profile may be bogus and you may be targeted by someone using those profiles. At the time of accepting any friend request on facebook, check all below points first to ensure whether that person is real or fake. Knowing how to spot a phony facebook account is a significant part in keeping safe online and keeping distant from people you don’t know.

Useful Tips to Find out the Fake Facebook Accounts

Tips to find out Fake Facebook Account:

Profile Picture:

Mostly, fake profile utilizes single martial status and photos of professional, sexy looking girl’s model pictures or photos of other real profile users. The main intention behind the using attractive profile picture is to attract the beauty seekers easily to accept friend request. Additionally, most males accepts friends request of females immediately, so that scammers make single female’s fake profile. At present, 97% out of 100% fake profiles spot themselves as a Female. So when you get unknown friends request, check all photos of their profile before accepting request.


Never updated status:

Compared to 15% of real facebook profile, 40% of fake profile never updated their status because the owner of fake profile has created profile just for fun so they have no time to maintain their profile regularly like a real profile person.

If you find profile with so many spammy website links, objectionable content, n*de pictures then it’s surely fake profile. For any doubts, check liked pages section, because fake profile holders often have liked pages that are objectionable or not for kids kind of objects.

List of friends:

In a fake profile, you may see very long friend list compared to real facebook accounts; it could be in thousands. If you find the profile that make so many friends in a very short period of time & per day they add approximate 20-30 new friends, then probably you are looking at a fake profile. The fake profiles also have several profiles as friends’ because fakers create profiles with one sole object: make as many friends as possible.

Checkout their friends are global or local….as the more local the friends, the more liable the person is to be real. Profile with lack of local friends suggests that this is not a real person.

Less Favorite Pages:

Real facebook account holders check their profile for at least 2 or 3 days in a week and add their favorite pages. But in the case of fake profile, they have less than 20 favorite pages.

Full Filled Profile:

Profiles with detailed, interesting and lengthy info, means you can definite that it is a real person. Usually, Fake profile creators have no time to create long and interesting profiles and they don’t add information. Thus, fake profiles have very little amount of information and they ignore items like movies, books, religious and political inclination, people who inspire, favorite athletes, etc.

Facebook activity:

Fakers don’t interact with friends because after sometime they become bored from fake profile. They barely share anything or make any comments. If you find the person who often builds totally out of context comment – that profile could be a fake one.

Check email address & about page:

To check out whether the facebook profile is real or fake, you should check their email address too….because mostly fake email connected with fake account don’t use same name included in their email address.

You should also read their bios and other personal information…if the details in profiles are written with uniqueness it may be real.

For boys and for girls:

Usually, girls don’t send friends requests to unknown person….When you receive request from female strangers, so don’t accept it without verifying them, because there are so many chances of fake profile in this case.

Compared to boys…..girls receive less fake friend requests. But safety is necessary to keep away your facebook accounts from fakers.

Several other tips:

  • They are tagged with so many pictures
  • They tag photos for numerous friends
  • Fakers mostly mark interested in both women and men
  • They always post and share spammy website links