Using SuperSorter to sort Chrome bookmarks by name


Clean or Manage your bookmarks with just a single click of the SuperSorter extension! It is a Chrome extension which helps users to sort all bookmarks in alphabetical order in all your folders as well as remove empty folders to clear disorder from the bookmark manager. Some people have habit of bookmarking countless links to view sites later but they never get time to read it, eventually this bad habit results in a messy bookmarks. As it is being overloaded with many of needless sites, users can not able to utilize bookmarks in appropriate manner. Make your browser experience much better by installing SuperSorter Extension and find out anything effortlessly on bookmarks. Here, step by step process is available for you to clear your congested bookmarks:

First of all install SuperSorter extension from the Chrome Web Store; once users installed it, they can see a green colored icon next to the address bar of the browser. For further process, Right-click on the icon and select “Options“. Different types of orders will be displayed in the list and users need to set them according to their needs.

Using SuperSorter to sort Chrome bookmarks by name

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Users can sort bookmarks either in ascending or in descending order; choice for any of them can be made from the dropdown box directly. Afterwards, check the box of Sort automatically from the extension’s options and set automatic sorting for both bookmarks and folders at the initial step. By default, the extension searches duplicates only for bookmark folders but not work for the bookmarks bar. If users want to include these bookmarks on the bookmarks bar, they must uncheck the box of Ignore Bookmarks Bar.

See and check the unbelievable difference between your past and modified bookmarks below.

When user want to find and remove duplicates bookmarks, they have to click on the Find all duplicates now and it will search and list all duplicate bookmarks instantly. Then after if users want to delete any of bookmark from the list, they need to select the respective one and click Delete Selected. Some options like Select all but first or Select all but last etc. are available to ease your selection. These options make things very easy when users want to keep only one of each bookmark and want to remove all other duplicates. Be careful while deleting duplicates because deleted bookmarks cannot be recovered.

The extension has other important features of delete empty bookmark folders and merge neighboring folders which has the same name, as well as user can also put the folders at the top of the list above the bookmarks. Moreover, Case sensitive comparison of bookmarks is very useful while looking for duplicates. Thus, users can choose any of options which they prefer most and click Save options at last So that all those changes made in the options will be saved. Once you have configured all settings, icon displays a “Done” label which signifies that sorting would be completed properly.

All in one; this is amazing application of Chrome which effectively increases the utility of Bookmark. It also saves users time from dragging and dropping bookmarks by hand and keeps Bookmark clean and tidy effortlessly. Now no need to worry if your bookmarks congested with duplicate links, old links with old story as well as unsorted links because SuperSorter makes it so simple for users to create a well organized folders.


  • Easy to process
  • Instant and automatic sorting
  • Clear the disorder of bookmarks
  • Delete empty folders
  • Merge similar folders
  • Find and Remove Duplicates
  • Sort all bookmarks in alphabetical order
  • Ascending or descending order available for sorting
  • Selection Options available for deleting needless links
  • Case sensitive approach to find duplicates
  • Place or Ignore bookmarks on the bookmarks bar


  • Installation must for proceed
  • Deleted bookmarks cannot be recovered