10 Features of Symbian Belle that make Nokia Smartphone better


Symbian Belle the next big thing in the Nokia Symbian saga!

Symbian Belle userinterface

Nokia Symbian was one of the first operating systems for the handheld devices. The Symbian operating system has seen a lot of evolutions since the time it has been introduced in the market and is loved by a lot of mobile phone users around the world. However the growth and popularity of the platform was hampered greatly by the upcoming of the other more established and complete operating systems for the handheld mobile architecture. However Nokia has not given up the fight and have come up with some absolutely stunning features in the next version of the Symbian operating system. The operating system is called the Symbian Belle and has some really amazing stunning features incorporated in it.

Here are the ten best features of the Symbian Belle that you might come find interesting. Please make all your comparisons and let us know of your opinion as to how well would this one fail in the competitive markets existing in today’s scenario.


1. Redesigned Live Widgets:

Symbian Belle widgets

The operating system has been provided with some really cool widgets like clock, email, music player contacts and calendar. The widgets have been redesigned and now come in several different sizes and rearrangements so now you can have absolutely personalized home-screens for your Nokia smart phones.

2. More home screens:

Symbian Belle home screens

THe one feature that most of the Symbian users used to hate about the UI was the restriction that nokia had put on the number of home screens for the device. In the new Symbian Belle operating system the restriction has been loosened a little. The restriction on the number of home screens has been risen from three to six much to the relief of a lot of Symbian users.

3. Status Bar redesigned:

THe status bar was one really cool feature that all of the modern day OS have. The Symbian Belle has improved the design of their status bar it now sports a modern look and incorporates quick settings as well along with the usual notifications.

4. Modernized Navigation:

Symbian Belle navigation

The navigation and options bar at the bottom have also been redesigned to make them more user friendly and similar to the one loved by all in the Nokia N9.

5. New Apps:

It is a but obvious inclusion with all the new versions of an operating system come a host of new apps that will take the real experience of using a smartphone to a whole different level. The list of new apps for the Symbian Belle include Microsoft Communicator, Sharepoint, OneNote, Exchange ActiveSync and PowerPoint Broadcast etc.

6. Informative Lock Screen:

The lock screen that the Symbian Belle boasts of is much more improved than the one it used to have in the early part of its release. The lock screen shall now have all the notifications for your phone and you can check them out without going inside the functionality of your phone.

7. NFC inclusion:

Symbian Belle NFC

THe new version of the Symbian operating system shall now incorporate NFC as well. THe feature that is still available for the Google Nexus phone only. The HFC technology is now deeply integrated into the Symbian operating system.

8. Multitasking:

Well the one feature that all the companies of the world are looking for whenever it comes to a new version of the operating system is the degree of the multitasking that is available for it. The visual multitasking has now been included in the Symbian Belle Operating system using which you can see which applications are running on the Nokia smart phone.

9. Microsoft Apps:

The OS is stated to become the first operating system in the world that shall run the support for apps from Microsoft like Word Powerpoint etc.

10. Extends the Nokia Commitment:

The Nokia commitment is extended on the Symbian Belle operating system. With the new operating system Nokia and its commitment towards the Symbian operating system have become even better and it surely seems that the operating system has come of age finally.