7 Games similar to Temple Run 2 you will like to play on Android


At present, Temple Run redefined mobile gaming, as it amassed more than 170 million downloads in just half of month and 6 million downloads in just the first day of its release. It is one of the obvious games that will get the place in the list of 2012 best games. The game is lot of fun, easy to control and simple to learn that captures the attention of so many viewers. In Temple Run 2, players enjoy more of the exciting running, jumping, turning and sliding. It has also broken the record of Android’s top game, “Angry Bird”. But here we are talking about 7 another games similar to Temple Run 2 that you will like to play on Android. We all know that…one game cannot entertainment more time to us though it is our favorite game; it tends to get a little boring after a period of time. If you want to continue the enjoyment of game play, then you should turn attention towards alternative of Temple Run 2. Below mentioned games are perfect alternatives of Temple Run 2, which are set with same concept that absorbs running continually and also bring much-needed multiplicity in terms of graphics and goals. Most of the alternative games come with fermium currency, which makes the upgrading of power ups very fast.

7 Games similar to Temple Run 2 you will like to play on Android

1, Dead Runner:

The person, who likes challenging games with fun, should play “DEAD RUNNER” game at least one time to experience creepy, dark forest. The game puts the gamer into the first person view of someone trying to flee a forest; continuously running to discover the exit. In this game, players need to endlessly run for life in the spooky forest and avoid howling winds, whispers and haunted trees because they deliver shivers down your spine. At the time of running in the forest, you must save your life from dashing into trees which lock in weeping souls. You are also required to run as far as from cold whispers.


The complete game is set in three modes – distance mode, points mode and chase mode, which are all played with similar controls to beat little different challenge. Points and distance mode are controlled by just left or right, while chase mode includes speed control for holding and releasing the screen. During the distance mode, speed and difficulty will be increased gradually within your progress. Points mode is great to increase point through glowing orbs.

Overall, the game is full of entertainment and challenging. You should not stop the run while playing game. To win game, you just need to keep in mind your goal to escape forest and reach at exit way. Dead runner is not free game; it is available at the price of $ 0.99.

Download : play.google.com

Dead Runner Android Gameplay video:

2, Panda Run HD:

Panda Run HD has lot of fun compared to temple game, because there have a brave panda that runs continuously to get the soul stone, so that during the game they collect fragment of it to arrive at the goal. It is the most suitable game for those who love aforementioned running game. The control of the game is very easy, you just need to use your logic and turn your finger in perfect direction. For jumping and rolling, slide your finger up and down respectively. You can move your panda by tilting your phone and turning it by sliding finger left and right.

The graphics of the game is created with a very cool 3D style that makes your movement smoother. Throughout the game, you have to collect maximum soul stone to unlock the skills, and more. And even its freeze time, floating island, landslides and a variety of play will definitely make you exciting. It is available at free of charge at Google play store, so just download it and enjoy great fun.

Download : play.google.com

Panda Run HD Android Gameplay video:

3, Subway Surfers:

Naughty boys capture the attention of all people more, because their naughty activities can bring smile on any face. It’s a time to meet another naughty child named Jake, who is escaping from a railway inspector angry with you to graffiti the station in “SUBWAY SURFERS” game. Jake is an inspiring graffiti artist, an epic surfer and solid skater. In this game, Jake is working on masterpiece, at that time conductor catch him and from that point the surfing starts. The control of Jake is in your hand during the game, so you can mechanically dart up the screen beside the train tracks as well must avoid all problems that comes in your way like buffers, carts, trains, etc.

Subway Surfers is most similar to the temple run 2 in terms of game play. The graphics of the game is cartoony that feels you more child-friendly and light. The main mission of the game is simple – you just escape from terrible inspector and his scary Pit-bull dog as well you must dart trains that arrive straight in your direction. You can move Jake by tapping right or left and jump by swiping upwards, or duck by swiping downwards. To increase your power, you have to collect special items like paint-powered jet packs, hover boards, and even coin magnets. No need to pay any charge for game, as it is free of charge for downloading.

Download : play.google.com

Subway Surfers Android Gameplay video:

4, Aby Escape:

The creation of BulkyPix and Pixel Ratio, “Aby Escape” is the latest title in the popular runner genre. In this game, help poor and unluckiest raccoon named Aby to run away from hunters, police, bikers, etc. Never end running to run away from all these dangers. Like other games, Aby Escape has a lot of obstacles for collecting coins and power-ups like unlock tons. There are 50 different challenges to play and 30 levels that will become more and more difficult with progress.

When you progress, more enemies like footballers and elephants will be produced to stop you from running, so concentrate on your goal and beat the hunters. When you reach at the next level, you will get power to unlock multiple items and take on enemies. It is completely free for use, so install it on your Android device now. No need to think more, you just need to hit the Download link.

Download : play.google.com

Aby Escape Android Gameplay video:

5, Run Like Hell:

Run Like Hell is a popular game set with 2 million downloads. It is little bit different than above mentioned games, because here you play as an explorer who has taken some objects from island inhabited by hungry cannibals. You must save yourself from these hungry cannibals as if you they catch you, then you will be their next meal. The game brings you towards ancient ruins, villages, nighttime jungle trails and sun-kissed beaches.

During the journey, you will fly over so many obstacles like bamboo, cages, rocks, pits, ledges, bees, etc. escaping all those when you go because every collision bring you one-step closer to trouble and their meal.

The game has three modes – endless, story and time trials. The story mode is meant with 30 levels. It has also three difficult levels and some bonus episodes including Yeti, Avalanche and Heartbreaker. Besides the danger obstacles, it offers several items that give you fighting chance at escape. The player can increase the speed by collecting “Adrenaline”. It is also free to play, so download it from Google play store to enjoy it.

Download : play.google.com

Run Like Hell Android Gameplay video:

6, Planet Runner:

Planet Runner is also good alternative of Temple Run 2 game. It is the fast-paced jumping game, in which robot warrior has been assigned with the duty of transforming the ragged planet. No need of more skills to play this game, you just need to tap screen or trackball to allow planet runner jump. Generally, in a war-damaged planet, people have been removed, all creature have gone. But this planet is different, it does not lost their last hope, a brave robot still live in the ruins, he tries his best to save the last survive in ruins, hoping to assist people recreate their homes one day.

This planet is not complete free from war effects because war machines are still active on planet, which are very cruel machines that can make continual destruction. During the game, little robot warrior must avoid these terrible mechanical machines by running fast and jumping very carefully. Endless and long-distance jumping would be a challenge for players. By gathering more plants and flowers and using less number of lives, you can get high score. There is also chance to gather high rating by clearing each level in one-time. It is fully free version for Android, so download it and be brave planet runner and clear 9 easy levels and 3 difficult levels.

Planet Runner Android Gameplay video:

7, Running Fred:

Have you ever enjoyed Falling Fred game? If so, then you will surely like to play Running Fred, in which Fred comes back with latest painful antics, outstanding acrobatic/frantic moves, special items and uber-cool locations. It’s a really difficult game, so you must concentrate on each footstep, otherwise you can die. It is very entertaining and challenging game available for both android and iOS users at free of cost. It is a full of with adventures and hordes of challenges, as well allows players to choose there characters. One of the most beautiful features of the game is that, you can give new look to your character by wearing special outfits.

The game comes with lots of things to do, ample of maneuvers, list of perilous traps, special skills and perks. This time, Fred has more power-ups so that he can do impressive double jump, chicken flaps as well glide through the air.

Download : play.google.com

Running Fred Android Gameplay video:


Try these games like Temple Run 2 at least one time, I am 100% sure that these all will be entertained you as well stay live your interest of temple Run. Each alternative is set with different difficulties and challenges, so that you will not be a boring from any game.