All you need to know about Google plus one service


On 30th March, Google announced new service named Google plus one. Google plus one service directly competes with the “Like” button of Facebook. Currently only 2% Google’s English language users in US or Domain Search results will get this service. Google +1 allows the users to recommend and share certain Web sites into their friends’ search results with the click of a button. Primarily, Google’s +1 button will appear in a very small icon beside the search result and text ad however after some weeks, it will be seen in many more places comprising other Google products and sites throughout the web.

Google Plus

Users require to login to with their Google account to enable +1 button in search results. The users have to just click the +1 button when they like something or and think they can be useful to friends. When other people are seeking for the same topic they can notice that you liked this content. The users can share their favorite web pages by their Gmail address book, Google Reader and Buzz contacts after they are logged in. In future, Twitter and Flickr contacts may be included in Google. Google +1 service will not help to those who want to share links with thier Facebook friends.


User must have a Google profile to activate Google +1 service. In their Google profile, they can see their all +1 activity and delete sites which they no longer suggest. The users can see their own +1 in a new tab on their Google Profile and this tab can be shared with the world. The users can also keep this tab private and utilize it to personally handle the increasingly expanding record of things they love across the web. The user can get Google Plus one experimental button immediately after opting in to the Google’s experimental page.

The users can recommend the page within his social circle if they are logged into their Google account and visits a webpage that contains the button+1. The users can also show “Plus one recommendations” from that specific site. In next few months, the project will also let the publishers of website to include news sites and blogs to install buttons along with “+1″ logo on their Web pages so that the users of Google can click on them to indicate that they liked a specific page and share that information with their social network inside of Google.

Social service is generally seen as the web service of next generation in the future however the ranking of site will be also affected by Google +1 service. The users can choose their suggested site to be more noticeable when they are searching the result through Google +1 service. Google also intended to expand the service to the news publishers with the intention that it can combine +1 service on the story pages.

Video of Introducing the +1 Button from youtube: