BSNL Landline Number Search Using Online Directory at


With facility of online directory at find out any landline BSNL Number easily in India with various search options such as On Map, State-wise, STD Code/ ISD Code.

A telephone directory keeps records of all the telephone subscribers bounded within the area. The telephone directory helps us to find the telephone number of subscribers by its name and address. But the question arises that “Can it be possible to search a phone number Online?” The answer is “Yes”. It is even harder and complicated to search phone numbers from a huge list, but thanks to the technology and its development. Online directory search services are now available and by using it you can now get the phone number and information by just entering the few details. Such websites are very helpful, when we need to search phone number of any person online.

BSNL Online Directory to search Landline Number

BSNL” Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. is India’s number 1 telecommunications company that supplies Telephone services to both private & business customers. The company has been connecting India from a very long time through its Landline Telephone services available all over the country. It is the first company which started Internet Connections in India with telephone lines. BSNL is accessible in most of the rural areas also where other telecom services get efforts to serve; this is the main advantage of BSNL services. BSNL offers a wide range of online services for their customers such as BSNL Landline services, Mobile Services, Broadband Services and Enterprise Services. Now a day, most of the work is done online, so such online services are very beneficial.

If you are a BSNL customer then you can get advantage of the BSNL Landline services it provides. It also offers the facility for online recharge, paying Landline, Mobile, Broadband bill online and many more. BSNL offers the Online Telephone Directory service, which is one of the best service it provide to search landline number online. You can search BSNL Customer’s using this service via Name, Phone Numbers and even by the Address. You can easily get a BSNL Landline Number that you want Using Online Directory at Let’s take an example how to BSNL Online Telephone Search Directory Works?


To search any landline number, you just have to follow few simple steps:

Step 1: Open official website of BSNL
Step 2: You can see the Directory Services option that is highlighted
Step 3: Below that option you can get three ways to find BSNL Landline Number: On Map, State-wise, STD Code/ ISD Code (You can search by any way as your own choice)
(Suppose we select as State-Wise.)
Step 4: Now there you will get a list of different states of India. Choose the state in which you want to find the contact number of the person you want (e.g. Gujarat)
Step 5: It will now open a new window having a form “LastName Search”. Fill the form with all the mandatory fields such as Last Name (with three options Anywhere, Exactly and Starts With) and city.
Step 6: Click on the “Submit” and enjoy online BSNL landline phone directory

Above are the steps, if you select option to search by State-Wise, but you can also go for the On Map and STD/ISD code option. For accurate and reliable sources, you have to know a few relevant pieces of information about the person you are looking for first, such as complete name. There are also other options that BSNL provides to get the phone number and its detail such as Telephone Search, Address Search, Public Utility Search, Organisation Search, Profession Search, Quick Search, STD Code Search, ISD Code Search, BSNL Employee Search and Special No. Search. Just select the option you want, search with the selected option and get the results.

There are some of the Major Features and benefits of Online Search Telephone Directory:

  •  The online search telephone directory is free, no need to pay fees to find the required landline number. It is one of the best features of online search landline directories.
  • Another great aspect of online telephone directory is that they are quite simple to utilize. You just simply enter the require detail and the directory will provide you the phone number or information.
  • There are many ways you can search the information you are looking such as search by last name, address, profession, organization, STD/ISD code, etc. to make your search more fruitful.
  • The online search directory gives very fast results, unlike offline directories where we need lots of time to search a phone number. So, it helps people by saving time to just find the phone number for the specific person in need.
  • These online directories are updated on the Weekly Basis, so you can get the updated results.
  • State-wise Telephone Directory and Metro cities Telephone Directory are listed separately.
  • If anyone is making prank calls from a landline phone, then it helps to find the phone number of the owner and find out who is making the call. People will no longer be a victim of prank calls now.

For more information about BSNL and its services and to access it, you may visit its official website

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