Cox Webmail Review email Review


Cox Webmail - email provides a best Cox webmail service. You can access to a secure email service from wherever you are in the world. Cox high speed internet provides many features with webmail service. Cox recently upgraded mailbox storage. Now each mailbox can hold up to 2 GB worth of messages. The official site of Cox Webmail is email.


Cox Webmail service features:

  • 2 GB of email storage in your inbox
  • Report and manage spam
  • Import external email
  • Create address groups
  • Expanded search tools
  • Email signatures
  • Block unwanted addresses and domains
  • Auto-forward messages

Cox High Speed Internet WebMail features

  • Manage SpamBlocker and other advanced email tools
  • Over 2 Gigabytes of storage for messages
  • Online Address Book for easy access to contacts

If you want to use Cox webmail service first you open Cox Website and select the state, where you are living. After then you get a Cox webmail page you enter Your Cox User ID and Passwords and login in

If you have not registered in, then first create your account. For this purpose, first you enter in sight after selection of the state you get a webmail page. On this page, you get a register now option which is stayed under the Cox high speed features. Get register form and fill up given information and create your Cox account.

After opening your Cox webmail, if you want to mail your friend then Click on Compose option type email id of your friend and type your email in the body and click “Send.”

If you want to forward this message click on settings and Forwarding button. When the forwarding window opens, click the “Disable forwarding” radio button and click “OK.”

If you want To contacts then it will be automatically added to the address book when you open a new email then you click on setting button and click on “Preferences” Scroll down to “Address Collection” and choose the option you want. You can choose from “None,” “Recipients in the TO line,” or “All Recipients.” Click “OK” after making your selection.

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    About cox webmail- It’s the worst. The whole thing is a walking ad and in the corner in a teeny button is view webmail. It’s all about buying their “bundles” or whatever. I can’t even navigate the site without getting an offer for something in my face. AT&T IS BETTER.