Blackberry Bold Touch 9930 : Preview Videos emerged


Before few days the pictures of Blackberry Touch were revealed and now five preview videos of the BlackBerry OS 6.1 have been leaked online and it seems to be much like the OS 6.0. The unannounced Blackberry Bold Touch 9930 by RIM is featured in the demo videos. This is alleged to be the thinnest blackberry phone ever as well as the first phone from the company to feature a small touchscreen display (2.8-inch, 640×480 pixel) together with the bar-shaped QWERTY keyboard.

Blackberry Bold Touch 9930 : Preview Videos emerged

This phone comprises a Snapdragon processor that has the capacity to boost the performance of speed and NFC will be new that support wireless payment and also 720p movie making added to the familiar design. The Bold Touch will come equipped with Wi-Fi, 4GB of storage, 768MB of RAM, 5-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, Hot Spot, etc. It is predicted that the handset will be shown off at BlackBerry World in early May along with much of RIM’s 2011 roadmap.

The rumored Blackberry Bold Touch’s production has been already started as these videos confirm and estimated to launch in the Q3 of 2011. The preview videos reveal the hardware, power button, volume and even convenience keys. Take a look on homescreen, the multimedia features, stunning backside view with SIM and memory card slots of Blackberry Touch 9930. See all the videos of new Blackberry Bold Touch from youtube.


Hardware 9930:

This video shows the power button on top, the sleek volume rocker and lock screen buttons available on the right side while mini-USB port on the left side. It seems the handset is quite broad but looks pretty sleek too.

Blackberry 6.1 Home Screen:

Video of the homescreen shows that the usual BlackBerry homescreen gets a restore.

Insert SIM:

Know how to insert SIM from backside in this smartphone.

Blackberry 6.1 Basics:

This video demonstrates the pinch-to-zoom feature together with other operations such as the browser, picture viewer and the menu screen of the Blackberry Bold Touch.

Making a Call:

The last video unveils how a user gets to make a call.