CES 2011 Preview (Hardware/ Gadgets): What will we see?


The consumer electronics show is one of the biggest technology related trade shows that is held in Las Vegas every year. Although the show is not open to public but yet it provides a great insight as to what the future beholds for us in the information and technology sphere. As far a the historical background is concerned the show changed to the yearly format in the city of Las Vegas. This is the biggest technology trade show taking up a total of 18 days to set up and break. It has seen some revolutionary revelations over the past few years and some really amazing ones are lined up for this year too. Here are the list of gadgets or hardware devices that will be showing up their faces in the coming version of the CES 2011.

1. Dell 7 inch Android tablet:

Dell is all set to introduce a 7’’ android tablet at the CES to be held in Las Vegas 2011. The device is one of the most anticipated devices of the year 2011 and as the company says will be the matured version of the Streak tablet phone hybrid from dell. There are not many specs that have hit the market so there is no news about its processor and screen resolution but it is expected to have Gorilla Glass screen, the Dell Stage user interface, and the Blio eBook app.

Dell 7 Inch Tablet

2. Samsung Galaxy Player:

If you have an iPod you will not be very excited to hear this because Samsung is coming up with a competition for the iPod Nano and it is called the Galaxy Player. It is 9.9mm thick and runs on the Froyo operating system it features a 1Ghz CPU and Sound Alive audio enhancing capability. It even bears all the internet connectivity features and even a 3.2 MP camera Specs that blow your mind off seriously.

Samsung Galaxy Player


3. LG 72 inch LED Backlit 3D TV:

If you love watching TV on big screen then this one is headed your way the TV shall the biggest 3D TV in the world and supports some really smart TV features as well. It also includes the LG motion remote control that of course works on figure gestures.

LG 72 inch LED 3D TV

4. AMD’s Fusion Accelerated Processing Unit (APU):

Accelerated Processing Units combine the special accelerated performance core along with the other special purpose hardware accelerators. After the launch of this processor the application developers will be able to develop applications that would fully utilize the potential of parallel processing and processor speeds built inside this processing device and hence generate great user experience for the same.

AMD Fusion APU

5. HP Palm Pad:

The HP Palm Pad shall be the biggest announcement that HP will be making in the field of tablet computers in a long time so for LG lovers gear up! Is the word of the day. It would run the web OS version 2.5.1 and have the hardware specs equivalent to the Apple’s iPad. The education specific model is supposed to launch by the end of 2011 with an 8.9 inches screen.

Hp Palmpad

6. Motorola’s HoneyComb based tablet:

HoneyComb will be the real deal at this year’s CES with the software being released officially. The device can be one of the biggest flicks of the year 2011 and hence we are all eagerly waiting to see it. It is expected to come up with a dual core Tegra 2 processor and it might be made available in two models of 7 inches and 10 inches screen size.

Motorola HoneyComb Tablet

7. Toshiba Line Of Tablets:

Toshiba has a unique plan for the CES. It has planned to come up with three different tablet varieties one for each Android Chrome OS and the Windows Phone 7. All of them are expected to sport more or less the same features like 10.1 inches screen for the first two and the 11 inches screen for the last. We failed to understand what the plan was but later we realized that the plan is of creating a tablet computer that best satisfies the OS requirements of the consumers.

8. Samsung LTE smartphone:

Although we have placed this one at last but it can very well be the biggest limelight catcher at the CES it is the world’s first LTE smartphone that is the first smartphone of the world capable of running on a 4G LTE network for super-fast speeds. This could very well be the successor of the Fascinate without the Bing integration for the people in the states.

Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone

So there it is guys, a list of what to expect from the CES 2011 do not forget to let us know of your views on any of these devices in the comments section below.