FloBi Robot: An Expressive Humanoid Robot Head that can show Feelings


Technology has reached its epitome- this statement may be true today, but proves false tomorrow as some more advancements come up on its way. This is a never ending process, and man and technology will grow always together in age, hand in hand. This is what FloBi has to show the world. This robot called FloBi, is not just any other robot, but the one which has been specifically designed to display a wide range of emotions, which are not real feelings, but are shown through the doll-like features put on it.

The robot, according to its former definitions, is actually an automatically guided machine which is capable of doing tasks on its own, which are mostly, if not always, based on the electronically programmed instructions. It has been the fascination of man since the beginning if civilizations for a human-like creation that would assist him.

FIoBi robot: An expressive humanoid robot head that can show Feelings

This robot called FloBi is actually a fun experiment for some students and researchers, and is not a robot with human-like features to test for one particular reason or another. FloBi, the robot to display emotions, is on the creation by a university in Germany called the Bielefeld University. Though the robot has been accompanied by the doll-like looks and non-human appearance and might even appear expressionless on the overall because of the design most probably, but has the capability of showing emotions and have even been shown by researchers that they will be able to change the perceived gender of FloBi by changing some of the pieces from here and there using the clips and magnets.


Flobi has been provided with 18 movement points between its head and neck, and also has a magnetic actuator at the interior of the robot’s head which shall be responsible for the movement of the lips. Even for a more lifelike approach to FloBi, provision for independent movement has been provided for the eyebrows, neck, lips, eyes and eyelids. What’s more interesting is that the “emotion” displaying robot can even blush. This “blushing” feature has been provided to FloBi by the LEDs inside the robot’s cheeks. Even, there are cameras fitted in each of the eyes of FloBi.

The head of FloBi is a bit larger than the standard adult human head, and has quite a modular design. Emotions as happiness, sadness, anger, surprise and fear can be very well displayed by the amazing FloBi. It has also been fitted with some microphones and a gyro sensor. The researchers are being led by Ingo Lutkebohle and will be used for the study of the natural human-robot interaction and the effects of its external appearance.

This seems to have been quite a successful approach that the researchers have concentrated on the emotions of a human, through a robot. The social impact of robots in the life of humans is rather vast. Roughly, almost half of the robots in the world are in Asia, 32% in Europe, 16% in North America, 1% in Australia and 1% in Africa. Japan is the country in the world with the highest number of robots, with almost 30% of robots.

Flobi Robot Head Changes From Male To Female (Video)

This robotic head can quickly be changed from male to female and vice versa.