Gesture controlled Selfie App CamMe wins ‘Most Innovative App’ at MWC 2014


CamMe is a camera app that lets you take amazing self-portraits from distance with gesture-based controls! It has even won the title of ‘Most Innovative App’ at MWC 2014.

The popular selfie app, CamMe, has been awarded the title of ‘The Most Innovative App’ at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Every year, MWC organizer GSMA recognizes the most groundbreaking apps in various categories, and this year ‘CamMe’ has been chosen as the Most Innovative app. Developed by an Israeli gesture-recognition company Pointgrab, the CamMe app (currently available only for iOS devices) allows users to take pictures of themselves from up to 16 feet away – without having to hit the camera’s shutter button! It does this by using hand gestures to control the device’s camera. More specifically, it simply requires the user to raise a hand and make a fist to trigger a countdown before a picture is taken. Of course, the app also comes in handy when you’re taking group photos as you can actually get everyone in the picture – with no one standing behind the camera.

CamMe app screenshot

CamMe indeed provides a very simple and a straightforward solution to the most common problem that people encounter with cellphone photography – how to take selfies without holding the camera. CamMe’s core function is to enable users for taking selfies with hand gestures. Besides this, the app also has a few other interesting features that make taking selfies even more exciting and fun.


CamMe Features:

  • FunShot – Provides access to a library of fun scenes cut-outs and locations
  • PhotoBooth – Allows users to take several pictures in succession
  • Social Sharing – Enable users to share the pictures in various social networks like Facebook and Twitter
  • New User Interface – Offers a simple yet attractive UI that aligns with iOS 7
  • Provide access to an amazing gallery with new photo editing functionalities

So, how does the app actually work? Well, it is immensely simple to use. Simply launch the application and you’ll be asked to choose whether you want to use the front-facing camera or the rear camera on your iphone. Then, all you need to do is place your device in an appropriate position, stand in front of the device, and raise your hand. As soon as the app recognizes your hand, confirmation will appear on the screen and it will also play a sound at this time, so even if you’re using the higher-quality rear snapper to capture a picture, you can come to know when it is ready to shoot.

Now to take the picture, just pinch your fingers together. Doing so will trigger a 3-second countdown, which means you’ll have three seconds to smile or pose before the picture is taken. Once the countdown gets over, the app will automatically trigger the device’s camera shutter and the photograph will save to your camera roll.

Remember that app only takes pictures; it doesn’t come with image filters or any kind of effects. And other important thing that you should keep in mind is that the app allows you to take a self-portrait using the rear camera, but you must position your device close to a mirror in order to make it work. Moreover, if you can’t view your photos within the app; you’ll have to open the Photos app or the Camera app on your iOS device.

On the whole, we can say that CamMe is truly a must-have app for those who love to take a lot of self-portraits of themselves or group photos with their iPad or iPhone devices. If you’re also interested to experience the next level of selfie, then click here to download the app from the app store and start snapping ultimate selfies.

CamMe App – The Control is in Your Hands video from youtube: