HTC Schubert Windows Mobile 7 Smartphone features Unibody Design


HTC Schubert gets shown with WP7; Stuns all with a Unibody design

“Asus windows phone seven 7 device sighted” Doesn’t interest? Then hear this- HTC’s new device running the Windows phone 7 platforms has been sighted. Yes the HTC Schubert that has been sighted running the much hyped Windows phone 7 platform has been sighted. We’ve heard this phone being mentioned in the past before, but now pictures and a video of what is claimed to be the device have surfaced, and it looks very much like the freshly-leaked HTC Desire HD.

HTC Schubert Windows Mobile 7 Smartphone features unibody design

The phone is expected to be the first phone running the Windows phone seven and we all know what the platform coupled with the HTC hardware will bring to the party. The device has been seen carrying the Unibody design which means that the phone is not two parts of metal that are attached over each other but one complete metal body that cannot be opened from anywhere. it’s built using an aluminum unibody design with plastic cutouts at the back so that it doesn’t impede the device’s wireless connectivity. So, no antenna problems here guys.


The leaked video shows a two toned black body which certainly does not attract many of the customers but  as a mobile reviewer I would say that you should wait until the full specifications of the device are launched. Also in the video the creators have very cleverly hidden the carrier’s name so that we have no idea whether we’re looking at the U.S.-bound Schubert or at the European version. But our guess says that the version is the US version (because the Us bloggers keep a keener eye on HTC and nothing else).

The HTC Schubert has a large enough touchscreen display, probably a 3.7-inch one, the three required WP7 buttons, a camera with LED flash and probably HD video recording. Well with all these new WP7 phones around you will have to ask when are we going to see the first app running on the WP7 platform that will be something to gather really. And we can’t talk about the first Windows Phone 7 smartphones and compare them to iPhones or Android devices without mentioning apps and an App Store rival. Microsoft’s Marketplace is probably going to be filled with interesting apps and the first apps coming to your WP7 handset include Yelp and YouTube,

As pre my personal view I think it actually looks good and pretty sleek in design with just the three capacitive buttons. Everything is basically the same when you have a 4″ or so screen and a few buttons (iPhone, every Android phone known to man, now WP7).

The detailed features of the device and the price and release date are not out now but we promise to keep a keen eye on the phone and update the latest info about it once they are out. By the way, there are rumors that the new WP7 devices have antennas hidden inside any insight on that? Please don’t forget to comment in the comment section below.

HTC Schubert Leaked in Video