MAXX launched 3 Dual Sim Mobiles: Hexa, Rave & Buzz


3 dual-SIM phones, MAXX Hexa (MX155), MAXX Rave (MX182) and MAXX Buzz (MX188) have been recently launched in India by one of the biggest home-based mobile phone companies of India, MAXX Mobiles. These handsets deliver longer battery life at affordable prices and contain diverse features such as FM Radio, up to 4 GB expandable memory, GPRS, powerful battery, Audio and Video player, and more.

MAXX launched 3 Dual Sim Mobiles: Hexa (MX155), Rave (MX182) & Buzz (MX188)

These phones are particularly intended to meet the requirement for superior talk time by the adolescence as well as the demand for continued battery life by mobile phone users in smaller towns and villages. High-capacity batteries are featured in these three phones by which phone’s autonomy can be prolonged up to 650 hours in standby mode.

MAXX Hexa:

MAXX Hexa is dual-SIM and featured with a unique hexagon shaped navigation key, 2 GB expandable memory, dual SIM/dual standby, sound recorder, FM radio, audio/video player, Bluetooth data connectivity melody composer, GPRS, and more. MAXX Hexa contains 1800mAh battery that should offer up to 6.5 hours of talk-time and up to 600 hours of standby time. Price of MAXX Hexa is Rs.1,580 (about $35).


MAXX Rave:

The MAXX Rave is dual-SIM phone and featured with a standard bar form factor phone. MAXX Rave bar phone features a 1.3 megapixel camera, microSD card slot, dual SIM/dual standby, sound recorder, 4 GB expandable memory, dual torch, MP3/3GPP/MP4 player, GPRS connectivity, video recorder, E-book reader, etc. Up to 6.5 hours of talk-time and up to 650 hours of standby time is offered by a 1900 mAh battery of MAXX Rave. The phone is delivered with 20mm speakers. Price of MAXX Rave is Rs.1,888 (about $42).

MAXX Buzz:

MAXX Buzz dual SIM phone contains a 1.3 megapixel camera, 4 GB expandable memory, MicroSD card slot, 2GB memory card bundled, MP3/MP4 player, dual SIM/dual standby handset, privacy protection, FM radio, and more. This handset also features 1800 mAh battery that offers a talk-time of up to 6.5 hours and a standby time of up to 600 hours. Price of MAXX Buzz is Rs.2,068 (about $46).