Michron intervalometer – Add Timelapse feature to your Camera


Michron is a great, affordable intervalometer that plugs into the camera and enables users to take timelapses with the utmost ease.

Michron is a new intervalometer device with which even amateurs can enjoy the excitement of creating amazing timelapse films! Recently launched on Kickstarter, the Michron is actually an affordable time-lapse option developed for photographers. For those, who don’t know what timelapse photography is; it’s a technique whereby a series of photographs are taken over a period of time and then they are complied together into a fast-forward video. Until now, timelapse photography was reserved only for tech-savvy professionals but with Michron almost anyone can master this technique. Of course, there are many intervalometers out there to help photographers shoot timelapse films. However what makes the Michron special and better than other traditional intervalometers is that it doesn’t have any complicated buttons or screens. Instead, it’s programmed via the Michron Application on user’s smartphone (Android or iPhone)!

Michron intervalometer For Camera

Shooting a timelapse with Michron is quite easy. Once you’re done with your settings in the app, just connect your smartphone with the Michron device via programming cable. Now after uploading your settings, you can simply disconnect your smartphone from Michron since this next-gen intervalometer will do its job completely on its own. When you plug in the Michron into the trigger port of your camera, it will tell your camera to capture photos as per your settings. What’s more, Michron’s battery is said to deliver a life of around 2,500 hours, which means you can pretty much shoot timelapses literally non-stop.


One of the best things about Michron intervalometer is that it works on any camera that has an external trigger port. This means Michron is compatible with almost all DSLR’s and point-and-shoot cameras. As mentioned earlier, Michron would tell your camera to capture photos at the interval you’ve set in the app. Once you’re done collecting the pics, you can open them into any one of the free or purchased programs, like Lightroom and Timelapse Assembler, and turn your bunch of photos into the final video quickly.

Michron Intervalometer Features

Since Michron is programmed by Android or iOS device, it is said to have some really cool features:


This is a very handy feature, especially for those who are completely new to photography or timelapse. If you’re unsure of what presets to use for your camera, you can go into the app and pick a pre-made settings – namely People, Landscape, Clouds, Cityscape, Stars. By doing so, the app will automatically make all the needed adjustments for your camera.

Usually, Intervalometers require the photographer to shoot in Manual mode (i.e. the user has to adjust the camera exposure manually) but a lot of people actually don’t know how to do this. AutoTimelapse feature fixes this problem and literally makes motion timelapse photography accessible to everyone.

Bulb Ramping

Bulb Ramping feature enables users to make smooth light transitions. More specifically, Michron will constantly change the shutter speed of your camera as per your settings. This feature is extremely handy, particularly when capturing shots with dynamic lighting such as a sunset or sunrise. Moreover, this intervalometer is designed to work with or without a PC Sync cord.

Interval Ramping

It’s a useful feature that lets users change the interval (i.e. time between shots) during the timelapse. For example, suppose you’re shooting time lapse at a fixed interval, such as 1 image every 30 seconds for 1 hour. Now, with the help of the interval ramping feature, you can tell your camera to start at thirty seconds and then speed up to every seven seconds at the one hour mark, and then again slow down to every seventy seconds for the last fifteen minutes of the timelapse!

HDR Bracketing

This one is yet another amazing feature of Michron that allows you to make multiple exposures for every image you take in your timelapse. Rather than taking a single photo after each interval, your camera will take a set of 3 closely-spaced pictures – each at a different exposure. Later on, you can edit each set of 3 photos into an HDR image with the help of the software of your choice. In this way, you could even create HDR time lapse videos.

External Trigger

This awesome little feature enables you to capture a photo on your camera by triggering it through your smartphone that too from a distance of around 2ft! This completely eliminates the problem of camera shake, thus allowing you to take sharper and clearer images.

2500 Backers- Photo Booth

This feature is great when taking self-portraits and group portraits with family or friends, even when your camera is far away from what is being shot. Although many cameras already offers a feature called self-timer for taking such types of photos, but usually the delay offered is just around ten seconds also it does not give you the power to control how many photos are taken. However with Michron’s Photobooth feature, you can easily set how long the delay is, number of photos to take, and interval between each photo. As a result, you’ll get plenty of time to get into position and take all the pictures you want.

Portable and Versatile

The best part – the device is quite portable. It is so small in size that you can take it with you wherever you go without even realizing it’s there.

Also, don’t think that Michron device is only for timelapse videos. It can do lot other things like:

  • Photo stitching
  • Stop motion and claymation
  • Take multiple pictures for self portrait and group shots

The Michron App

Once the device is launched, its app will be made available to download for free from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app will work on all Android devices that run Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or higher version, and all iOS devices running iOS 5.0 or newer.

Current Status of the Project

VivoLabs, the developers of the Michron device, have been working on this project for several months. VivoLabs have claimed that they are already ready with a refined prototype that is all set to manufacture. However, manufacturing and delivering a physical product is quite expensive, and that is why they’ve placed the project on Kickstarter to raise money. To support this campaign and to reserve a Michron device for as little as $50, just click here.

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