Microsoft’s Menlo platform shown on prototype ‘Menlo’ mobile phone


Microsoft’s Menlo platform shown running test app that detects stairs rather than 2D positioning

What is the matter with all these huge technology companies? They keep making things for their consumers and do not tell them what they are making saying that it is a part of marketing strategy? Probably, Microsoft is one if the biggest hush-hush company in the world and it is very rare that we come to know of a Microsoft secret project- today is one such auspicious day when Microsoft’s largely mysterious project Menlo has been leaked. Microsoft Menlo project has been caught running through a newly discovered research paper.

Microsoft's Menlo platform shown on prototype 'Menlo' mobile phone

A 4.1-inch, capacitive touch prototype said to be Menlo, although also identified as using Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2, has been used to show an example of an app codenamed Greenfield that would use an accelerometer, a barometer and more to provide in-building navigation. Although what makes the Menlo so hyped is not yet known but rumors has it that the app that we are talking of here will be telling us about the position of stairs and not only 2D positioning which indeed shows that it is a better GPS device.


Galen Hunt is head of the project and has designed core OS components, compilers and other code. Amy Karlson has developed “Courier,” which is not the cancelled dual-screen tablet but rather a cross-platform file system that would simplify transfers between PCs and phones. The efforts support beliefs that Microsoft is developing a mobile OS core, possibly closer to the desktop Windows NT roots than CE, that could run on more than either ARM or x86 processors.

Microsoft's Menlo platform shown on prototype 'Menlo' mobile phone Microsoft's Menlo platform shown on prototype 'Menlo' mobile phone

Although the platform required a prototype it is unlikely that the platform will take the shape of an operating system. it seems that Microsoft is trying to develop a a larger scaled operating system that will work similar to the Windows operating system on the phone also we heard the rumors of HTC launching a phone prototype with a dual core processor.  . The company’s current mobile OS strategy has been a significant blow to its attempts to compete against the iPad and in smartphones as it can’t share significant pieces of code. It has been forced to sacrifice interface and battery life for Windows 7, such as on the HP Slate, or else revert to a lesser-featured and incompatible OS that runs on ARM, whether it’s Windows Phone 7 or another Windows CE variant such as Windows Embedded Compact 7.

The fight to give their users the best (or should I say sell the most) has always blessed the user with new and more advanced technology now after this new prototype rumors hit the market all the Radmond competition will gather their tech heads and look into this new prototype and come up with something more interesting and innovative in a few days or may be with this one Microsoft wins! Oh god! There are so many things happening in the smartphone industry! Don’t you tech crazy people love it this way?