Motorola Motoluxe vs Motorola Defy Mini: Specs and features compared


Read comparison of features and specifications of newly launched Motorola Motoluxe and Defy mini phones.

Motorola has been the pioneer when it comes to making Android smartphones it was the first company to have made one and from there the whole Android phenomenon had started. However the company does not a have a lot of reach over the low mid range of Android devices today we are going to compare two low mid range Motorola Android devices. These two phones are called the Motorola Motoluxe and the Motorola Defy Mini.

Motorola Motoluxe vs Motorola Defy Mini: Specs and features comparison

The devices are close relatives to each other with a lot of similarities in the specs as they were made for the similar kind of audience. Let us take a look at the similarities of the devices. Both the devices are expected to hit the market in the first quarter of 2012 to begin with.


  • Display Type: TFT capacitive Touchscreen
  • Supports multi-touch
  • External storage expandable upto 32GB.
  • 512 MB RAM
  • GPRS, EDGE enabled
  • Bluetooth V3.0
  • Geo-tagging
  • Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor
  • Flash Support
  • GPS support
  • Secondary VGA camera

However, apart from having many things in common the devices were made with a few differences as well with the Motoluxe being given the upper hands when it comes to features. Clearly the company well understood that the though the devices are made for the same levels of audiences, there is some differences between the kind of expectations from the device. Here are the differences.



Motorola Defy

Screen Size

4.0’’ capacitive Moto Switch Ui

3.2’’ capacitive  Gorilla Glass

Processor  and GPU

800 Mhz Adreno 200 GPU

600 Mhz processor,  No GPU

Internal  storage

1 GB

512 MB


8 MP primary

3.12 MP primary


9.9 mm

12.6 mm

OS version

Android v2.3.7

Android v2.3.6


Li-ion 1400 mAh

Li-ion 1650 mAh

As far as the comparison is concerned we are very clear about the kind of users that need to be tagged to each of the devices if you are a techno savvy person you should go for the Motoluxe and if you are one who would feel like using the phone for the purposes a phone has to be used for then you should go for The Moto Defy. We personally edge the Motoluxe over Moto Defy.