Nixplay Cloud Frame – Review of digital picture frame with WiFi support


Get the complete review of innovative digital frame, Nixplay W08A, which comes with Wi-Fi support, cloud-based photo sharing, and a number of user-friendly features.

Time has gone when you have to update photos of your frames manually. Now in this digital era, everything comes in a smart way…like smart phone, smart watch, smart bulb and now smart digital frames, in which you can showcase collections of photos in a single frame. As well, you can get your facebook, picasa, instagram, email, and personal photos directly on this without connecting it to the computer. At present, there are lots of digital photo frames available in market, but the Nixplay Cloud Frame is totally different from others. It is the first smart digital frame comes with Wi-Fi support, cloud-based photo sharing, and a pile of user-friendly features. The brand new nixplay Cloud Frame revolutionizes the way you manage, share and view your photos. Just with the click of button, you can free your photos from cloud storages and mange them in single place easily. As well, it enables users to become a part of the nixplay family with their own personal nixplay cloud Account and full access to all its special features and functionality. With unique login features, you can keep your photo more secure and safe in to nixplay program. You can pair up to five frames in to single account.

Nixplay WiFi digital Frame

Nixplay Cloud Frame is the brain child of Nix Company. Currently, it is available in one model, W08A that comes with 8″ inch touch screen display that provides resolution of 800×600 pixel. But, company is planning to launch the second model of this device with high-resolution features in near future. Its Wi-Fi enabled photo frame that means you can connect it to the internet through wireless networks at anywhere, anytime. It supports only JPEG/JPG images file formant and H.264 format of video file. The frame and screens covers with matte black rubber. On the front side of the frame, you will get motion sensor and the smaller centered plastic window, which is the IR receiver for the unit’s remote control.


Although every Nixplay unit comes with USB port and SD card slot for local file loading. One of the best features of the frame is its cloud-based photo management. Nixplay is a smart connected frame, where you can receive emailed photos and showcase personal photos and Facebook, Picasa & Instagram together on one place. You are also able to access friend’s facebook and instagram photos freely without any restrictions.

It’s really simple and easy to use photo frames syncs easily to its twin online cloud account that you can access from anywhere, anytime through internet connected computer. Nixplay free standard account service comes with drop and drag feature that helps you to create albums and slideshows. You can drag and drop all photos stored in to your computer on to nixplay cloud account. Here, you can create maximum five frames in single account along with 5,000 photos and 10 unique slideshows for each.

It provides complete control over your online account, so users can edit and delete anything from created slideshows. In addition, remotely control the setting of each frame and slideshows. For more convenience, it provides ‘Hu-Motion’ sensor that automatically turns frames when you enter in the home and off when you leave the room.

If you want to get more storage capacity and multiple frames support online, then you can purchase Nixplay Plus plan at the price of $3.99 for month. With paid account, you will get 50 unique slideshows, 30GB of cloud-based photo storage, up to five frames per account, and store photos in their original resolution. For enjoying full functionality, every internet-based digital picture frame requires a paid subscription.

How to set up and activate nixplay cloud frame:

Set up is very simple and it takes just less than 10 minutes. First unpack the frame and plug the unit in, then unpack the remote. Just like a TV, press power button to start it. After completing unit booting process, it will present list of accessible Wi-Fi nodes. Every user requires connecting it to the servers at least once to initialize the unit and check for updates, even If they don’t want to use the cloud-based service. After connecting frame with Wi-Fi node, you will be able to download any available updates, apply them, and restart it. As soon as frame completely restarts, it will give you a 16 digit serial number, which will help you to access it online service.

Hand over this activation code and visit Open activation frame page and follow the activation instructions. You need to provide the detail of 16 digit serial number, first name, valid email address, users name for accessing the online service of nixplay. Once you submit your all necessary details on the website, it will give you confirmation link to your Nixplay frame. After confirmation, you will be able to create photo frames and slide shows to get all those aunts, uncles, grandparents, and great grandparents in your life. It provides remote management tool for controlling all settings as well as adjust things like when the unit sleeps, how the motion exposure works, whether or not the item should display the most current photos or begin from the opening each time, etc.

Using an online account, you can set up all your storage places to use your latest photos on your frame as well as produce your slide-shows ready to upload to your Ultimate Cloud Frame.

How to use it:

After all setting on, come back to main nixplay page and first do login in to your account. Once you login in the frame, you will get empty control panel along with shortcuts like albums, slideshows, individual frames, general settings and subscriptions. By default, it gives empty demo album where you can load image on some flash media from your SD card and connecting USB port and stick it into the picture frame.

Every nixplay cloud frame set with cloud account, so user can easily access and manage all your photos under one roof. Using drag and drop features load photos in to slideshows and send them directly to your frame. You can make any changes like delete, add or reorder the photos whenever you like. When you drag and drop pictures from your computer in to frame, a little cloud icon blinking in the corner of the display on your nixplay picture frame. It means unit is communicating with the servers and downloading your photos.

There are two ways to get started the slideshow – one is pressing “slideshow” button on the remote or using the arrow key located on the backside of the frame to select slideshow and click OK.

When slideshow start on your display, the little box will appear at the bottom the screen, which shows how many new files have been included to the slide show that day. It will be really helpful when you arrange the picture frame for relative.

Users are also able to upload images to nixplay manually directly through their photo albums that they have created on Instagram, Picasa and Facebook. You can also use this frame to keep up with friends and family via sharing family pictures. As well, you can share family picture with an older relative, who have no facebook account.

Just clicking on Albums and login in facebook account, you can either add your timeline photos album or specific album of family photos to your Nixplay picture frame. You can transfer whole photo album to the Slideshows sidebar by using same drag and drop feature.

By default, Nixplay is enabled with filter feature, so users can send photo to the frame directly through email addresses that you whitelist. Just like demo album and facebook sharing, you can enable email sharing. At the first, you will not get any albums, but click on “Manage Settings” in the corner of the Email Albums pane to change that.

You can add email addresses of grand children, great grand children, etc, including yourself in to the whitelist and send photos to the frame. If you want to keep away your friends and relatives from this features, then use always email gateway to upload pictures.


The Nixplay Cloud Frame is available at the price of $99.99 and comes with free online service. It provides enough storage to store maximum 5000 HD optimized photos and 10 slideshows for one device. Offers paid service for those people who want to use this for more use. Its web portal service is very user-friendly and easy to set up automatic picture sharing via email and Facebook/Picasa/Instagram albums. Overall, it’s a really great frame to see different and latest photo in your frame as well as share photos with family member automatically.

Features of nixplay cloud frame:

  • Receive emailed photos and access photos from Facebook, Instagram and Picasa
  • Nixplay easy online management allows you to upload your own photos as well
  • High Quality Rubber Surface Finish, 8 inch (800 x 600 pixels) LED Backlit
  • For an additional monthly fee, sync up to 5 frames to a single account
  • Smart connectivity with Wi-Fi, SD / SDHC card slot & USB thumb drive, so you can control the frame remotely
  • Give non touch screen to keep those sticky paw marks off your beautiful photos

Technical Specifications:

Size and Weight:

  • Height: 6.9 inches (174mm)
  • Width: 8.7 inches (220mm)
  • Depth: 0.9 inches (23mm) – without stand, 4.5 inches (115mm) – with stand
  • Weight: 423g – without stand 427g – with stand


  • Screen Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels High Resolution
  • Brightness: 350 cd/m2
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Supported Video Format: H.264 HD 720p
  • Supported Photo Format: JPEG / JPG


  • Hu-Motion Sensor
  • Infra-red Sensor
  • Reception: 2.5m


  • 2 (1.5W) Stereo Speakers
  • 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Input


  • 802.11 b/g/n


  • Remote control for the device
  • Easily arrange photos from cloud
  • Easily create nixplay account
  • Motion Detector turn ON/OFF frame automatically
  • Simple yet modern design, perfect for urban styled rooms
  • Ability to play both videos and slideshows
  • Hold maximum 5 facebook account nixplay account with password protection


  • No best screen resolutions
  • No Bluetooth connectivity for pairing with devices
  • Create only 1 frame per account with free service

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