Ozobot – Smart Robot that play virtual and real game with you


Are you get bored of playing video games and online games? Have a change…with Ozobot! It is a game-playing robot, using which you can play virtual and real world games. Know more about it here…

Take your gaming experience beyond the level…with Ozobot. Day by day, people are being addicted of playing games on their mobile. Why not? Mobile developers bring something innovative in gaming section, every time. But there are many, who still desires of some old-school gaming fun of gathering cards, Board Games, puzzles, Playmats, Sleeves, Dice, Dungeons and Dragons, YuGi-Oh CCG, etc. Don’t worry, those days are back again…but in a digital way, using Ozobot. It is a game-playing robot that helps you get physical with digital games. Something revolutionary happens with Ozobot, as it can work on top of the tablet and smartphone screens also on paper, rolling on both digital and physical lines that drawn by players ! That’s really awesome! Curious to know how’s that possible, just go through the detailed information about it given below.

Ozobot - Smart Robot to play virtual and real game

Ozobot is very small, just one-inch-tall robot. It is world’s most compact smart robot of its type – Ozobot. But if you look at its functionalities, it is really incredible. This tiny robot can roll on board, paper, and digital tablet screens and play game with group of friends or individually. Really surprising! Thus, any location can become a perfect setting for Ozobot session.


Actually, it has light sensors in its base to read digital screens and other surfaces. Even, it can automatically identifies and tells difference between a digital and physical surface. It has “Smart Codes” to identify more than 1,000 commands. Both… small size and path detection are the great things about Ozobot, enough to make its place with earlier, larger gadgets. Here, users can change speeds, direction or even dance around.

Its color code language makes it to respond to different colors. This would be a great learning tool for the children (or adults), as they can get insight into robot programming by drawing a path also observing how Ozobot reacts when it comes across the different colors in its path? So, smart!

You can use Ozobot for playing four different games – OzoPath, OzoDraw, OzoRace, and OzoLuck. Players are provided with use of tiles to navigate the piece through a maze in OzoPath; while in OzoDraw, players can see how amazingly the robot follow a user-drawn pattern, either on-screen or paper. OzoRace is foe the people who love to dare, as in this risky game, players can ditch their Ozobots head-to-head, containing merges in physical and virtual racetracks, or try their chances in OzoLuck throughout a chain of mazes with customizable exits. Note that, all mentioned games are just example that make users’ mind about how they can get revolutionary gaming experience using pint-sized robot. Of course, there will be more new apps every few month as well as a Software Development Kit (SDK) on the way for third party developers.

Ozobot is available in two basic colors: black or white; also, it comes with built-in multicolor LED light to give feedback to the user. It is powered by LiPo battery, which is charged through Micro USB. It is expected that each one runs for up to 40 minutes per charge This one is iOS and Android compatible. It comes with a protective carry pod, a separate “OzoSkin” exterior also MiniTrack cards.

Thus, it is excellent at both virtual and real world gaming. This pocket-sized device can play a center role in different multiplayer games also helps to improve education, being the same old fashioned gaming fun.

Ozobot is still in development and once it will be ready, Ozobot team has handed over this project to Kickstarter to get it into commercial production. It is expected to come in June 2014, and all those early birds might get it for US$45.

Ozobot Reinvents the Game Piece – CES 2014 from youtube: