StoreDot Flash Battery – Charge Your smartphone in just 30 Seconds


Make your Smartphone battery full in just 30 seconds!!! It’s unbelievable for everyone, but in near future you can do it through StoreDot Flash Battery.

Phone manufactures have improved the battery capacity since last few years, although it becomes really tough for users to keep their battery life for a long period of time. Latest features and functionality in mobile phones consume more battery power, that’s why people have to charge the battery two times a day. If people are using internet on mobile phone, then sometimes they have to charge it 3 times a day. These days, everyone wants to charge their phone as fast and fully as possible, and for it they try maximum ways to save and increase battery life. But now, you don’t need to plug-in the charger for long period to charge your battery because new option comes in the market, by which you can charge your Smartphone in just 30 Seconds. Maybe, you don’t believe in it, but it becomes possible with your “StoreDot Flash Battery”. It is the creation of a Tel-Aviv based start-up, StoreDot Ltd. It is a prototype charger that assures to take your battery from a tiny silver of red to 100%, in merely 30 seconds.

StoreDot Flash charger demo

First time, the battery was showcased at future tech conference, Microsoft’s Think Next symposium in Tel Aviv, Israel. StoreDot displayed the work of this battery by connecting it on an approximately-dead Samsung Galaxy S3. As claimed, this new invention charged full battery in just 26 seconds. The speed up ratio is approximately 41,500% higher than regular Galaxy S3 battery – which may take up to three hours to fully charge. If you are struggling to get through the day without charging up the Smartphone, then StoreDot Flash Battery is a good choice. StoreDot Flash Battery is made of biological structures. It is made from naturally occurring organic compounds called peptides, or short chains of amino acids, which have unique chemical and physical properties. It works by using crystals of only 2 nanometers in diameter. This is much safer than today’s batteries, which are mainly made-up with heavy metals like cadmium or lithium.


The main focus of StoreDot for the nano-crystals was a memory chip, which comes with image sensor. But now, it has turned their focus on the two most promising near-term routes to commercialize the technology: fast-charging Smartphone batteries, and cadmium-free displays. However, StoreDot Flash Battery is not wireless charger. Currently, the new technology is narrow in terms of capacity and size. In fact, the company’s charger is presently the size of a laptop power adapter.

How it works?

When linked to a Smartphone’s battery, the charger sets the peptides into action, fabulously reducing charge time. It works like a supercapacitor; the organic layer can store energy in less than 30 seconds and after that slowly release it to the lithium layers. From there, the device gets the energy that they require from the lithium layers, just like on a regular battery.

However, a creator of this technology is very confident that in just three years, it will be able to generate flash-charging batteries of capacities and sizes that are similar to today’s conservative units. This will make it possible to charge our most usable devices like smartphones, tablets, or laptops in minutes, rather than hours.

These batteries will not be available commercially till late 2016. The prototype boasted in Tel Aviv is too much large and must be supported with today’s slim mobile devices before it can reach the shelf. As well, the batteries will be sold around £18 – which is double than the average phone charger. However, price doesn’t matter, if you want to charge battery quickly. Today, Smartphone battery charging has become a highly adored market for startups. The current trend is the development of wireless charging, but still it is under construction.

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