Top 5 Touch and Type phones: For who hate touchscreen typing


Recently on a quest to find out the right smartphone to gift to my dad I realized that smartphones are not a pretty good idea for somebody who all throughout his life has used the old clamshell design to receive phone calls send messages and surf the internet. But however, the one design that did appeal to me a great deal was the touch and type form factor that is really doing rounds these days.

Top 5 Touch and Type phones: For who hate touchscreen typing

Most of the companies here in India have realized that though the Touchscreen market is growing there is a large portion of the masses that do not approve of the change at least not really as quickly. So for that portion of the society we have brought for you a compilation of the best touch and type smartphones for the ones that don’t like touch screen typing. We have judged the phones on the basis of their performance taking in consideration the OS, Processor, Memory Capabilities, Camera and other basic features.


BlackBerry Torch 9810:


The BlackBerry Torch 9810 is one of the best devices that have been ever released in this form factor. In fact the RIM devices are the ones that have to be looked out for in this form factor. The device comes with the Blackberry 5 OS it features a 3.2 inches capacitive Touchscreen, 5-megapixel rear camera, FM Radio and GPS. It is packed with microSD card slot which is expandable up to 32GB . This is a 3G handset and it also supports the EDGE/GPRS and Wi-Fi. And also bears all the basic features like a Bluetooth, and 3.5 mm jack. The smartphone costs around 30k and is one of the best touch and type devices available.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini:


The Xperia Mini is one of the best Android phones that has been equipped with the touch and type form facto and has been really successful for that reason as well. It has a relatively small Touchscreen of 3’’ capacitive denomination but the fact that the device features a 5 MP camera a 800 MHz processor, 3G connectivity and it supports the GPRS/EDGE and Wi-Fi connectivity. The device is extremely successful and costs around 15k in India.

Samsung Galaxy Pro:


The Galaxy Pro is one of the best phone is this form factor one because of the simple form factor that it has on offer. It runs on Android Froyo and it is a lightweight phone. The device is powered with a 800 MHz processor and sports a 2.8-inch capacitive touch screen. The handset is 3G capable and supports the EDGE/GPRS and Wi-Fi networks. The device supports GPS and sports a 3.15 MP camera on the back. The device costs around 8k in the market today.

Nokia E7:


Nokia E 7 is Nokia’s premier device that features the touch and type form factor. It looks very similar to the Nokia N8 and features a slide out QWERTY keypad. It is powered with a 2.46 inches capacitive touch screen, The best part to go for this handset is that it has 8-megapixel camera which captures the 720p videos. It is operated by the Symbian operating system and features GPS, 3G, EDGE/GPRS and Wi-Fi-connectivity features. The device is available for a cost of around 15K

HTC Chacha:


The HTC Chacha is one of the first touch and type handset from the HTC productions house but the company has fallen no short of the expectations. It boasts of a 2.6 inches capacitive Touchscreen and Windows Phone 7 operating system. It is capable of 3g and bears 5 Mp camera along with all the other basic smartphone functionalities. It is available of a cost of around 15K.