Top Five Music phones in the world


Music phones these days are not much of a mouth watering prospective any more, the reason being the increase in the features that people want from their mobile phones. However, the diehard music lovers from all around the world would still like to have a music phones in their hands and especially if the music phone comes with some great basic features it makes the phone even more worth. Here is a list of the top 5 music phones from all around the world.

Top Five Music phones in the world

Samsung Continuum:

Samsung Continuum

Samsung Continuum was never meant to be a out to out music phone but somehow Samsung really gave it such amazing music capabilities that we had to keep it in the music phones category. The device has over 7 hours of battery support comes with excellent music capabilities like all format support and inbuilt digital player making it the top of the list music phone. Apart from the music capabilities the phone runs the Android operating system and a bears a 5 MP digital camera with superb internet connectivity making it a great device all together.


HTC Surround:

HTC Surround

The HTC Surround as the name suggests is HTC’s version of a Music phone the phone bears built-in speaker provides virtual surround sound on this device. It runs the Windows Phone 7 operating system and hence a great featured digital player comes along. The device comes with a built in memory of 16 GB for all your music files and also bears a 5 MP camera to complete it as a good phone overall.

Motorola Rokr E8:

Motorola Rokr E8

Motorola Rokr is Moto’s very old and pretty trusted music phone that is going great guns even today The Rokr E8 is another great member of the Rokr family. The real forte of the device is its amazing sound quality and the 2GB internal memory card for your music. It runs a Java based OS and bears a 2 MP for making it a complete device however, there is  no 3G connective so watch out before buying this one.

Nokia 5310 Express Music:

Nokia 5310 Express Music

The Nokia 5310 is Nokia’s premier phone for music and has seen unprecedented success in the market as well. The phone is not a smartphone bearing a Touchscreen but bears some real cool features for it to be called a music phone. IT has dedicated music keys excellent incomparable sound quality and memory card slot of 8 GB for storing all your media. IT bears a 2 MP camera to complete it as a basic music phone.

Droid Incredible:

Droid Incredible

The Droid incredible is one device that has its software to blame for getting it to the list of best music phones the phone runs on the Android 2.2 operating system. The Droid Incredible uses the Android 2.2 operating system.  If you want a device that provides easy music playback, this is worthy of your consideration.