Will Cheap Xiaomi Mi Band compete rivals?


Want to track your daily activities, sleeping patterns, distance covered, and more with fitness tracker? Then Xiaomi Mi Band is the best choice at budget price that will definitely give tough competition to high-end rivals.

The Apple of China, Xiaomi has become popular worldwide because of its beloved high-end, low-price devices. And now, the fast-growing Chinese electronics firm has jumped into the wearable technology sector with the Mi Band, a fitness band for only CNY79 ($13). However, Wearable technology is on an explosively rising route. With a host of innovative technologies emerging, and new competitors taking the field, it’s really difficult to be prominent in the middle of the growing crowd. However, Xiaomi’s first-ever wearable device Mi Band is competing with existing wearable devices mainly in terms of price, because similar fitness bands like Fitbit Flex, Jawbone Up24, and Nike+ Fuelband are available at the price between $80 and $150. Like other fitness bands, Mi Band focuses on user’s health by tracking their daily activities, sleeping patterns, distance covered, and more. It features most power-efficient Bluetooth chip so you can connect Android 4.4 devices as well as unlock a user’s Xiaomi handset. One of the most remarkable features of Xiaomi Mi Band is its water resistant body and battery capacity that lasts for 30 days on a single charge.

Xiaomi Mi Band

Mi Band will go on sale at less than a tenth of cost of existing bands in China, so it is expected to get huge response from fitness enthusiasts. No one can say that the Xiaomi Mi Band is bland and boring. It has simple and minimalistic look with excellent features that makes it more interesting with several color choices like blue, pink, brown, black, purple and gray.

At first sight, you notice that it can do nothing because it features only a thumb-sized sensor plugged into a band. This means it is not able to display any metrics when you are exercising, and in that sense, could lose a bit of demand for those seeking more out of a standalone fitness band. However, it is perfect for those who are looking for budget wearable device just for tracking daily activities and sleeping routine.


Xiaomi Mi Band boasts a metal surface covering with a micro laser perforation. It is water-resistant with an IP67 standard, so you can use it in light rain and take it with you to the shower without any concern.

Xiaomi wearable fitness band is somewhat effective when it comes to performance because it tracks health metrics as well as keeps a check on your movements and sleeping patterns. Moreover, it is able to unlock device without having to key in your password each and every time. It works also as alarm clock. If you are user of Xiaomi smartphone, then you can take the advantage of its proximity security unlocking system. This feature actually works when you hold Xiaomi handset in the same hand as you are wearing this gadget. The band and the phone must be present in different hands. One of the best points about this device is its battery capacity that’s why it is called as power-packed device.

However, you don’t need to connect it with smartphone to use it as fitness tracker. It is very user friendly. Its simple design gives comfortable feel when you wear it during your running sessions or jogging. It is classy gadget that can be used for multiple purposes like track your health and fitness factors, keep check on your sleeping patterns and waking schedule. Thus, it helps you to become healthier as well as smarter.

Mi Band comes with long battery life, several designs at attractive price, looks set to be popular even beyond Mi fans. In near future, Xiaomi will add personal Id in MI Band to unlock your door when you come home, or switch on smart appliances and gadgets. Along with price factor, durability, portability, ease of use and design & form factor will also catch the attention of people.

At a price of $13, the Mi Band is dirt-cheap than other competitive fitness bands which are very costlier than this. It is a really innovative product in the wearable technology market.

Mi Band can easily unlock your connected smartphone when the Mi Band is in close proximity and this feature will be definitely appreciated by many people. As well, Mi Band has an associated app that will most probably allow you to arrange the various tracking options available on the Mi Band, as well as setting up the vibration alarm.

In conclusion, smartphone and wearable makers should be afraid of Xiaomi – it’s a company that is not fearful to undercut high-end competitors with really low prices. In the past, China’s tech companies got huge profit from its wearable device. But the situation will be changed in near future, because Xiaomi’s business model cuts those companies out of the circle by selling its products directly to customers for a much smaller profit per device. Xiaomi’s low price strategy not only increases sales volume and market share, but also gives tough fight to all high-end devices.

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Specifications of Mi Band:

Water-Proof IP67 professional level
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0
Display LED light
Power Charging USB Cable
Function MIUI Unlock
Fitness Level Monitor
Sleeping Quality Tracking
Smart Alarm
History Data
Seek Mi Band
LED Light Color setting
Work on both hands
Total Distance Display
Average Daily Steps
Share via Social Media
Power Charging USB Cable
Battery capacity and life 41mAh lithium-ion battery
Standby Time: 30 Days
Material Surface: Aluminium
Shell: Makrolon
Wristband Button: Aluminium
Wristband: IPSiV
Size Length:157-205 mm
Net Weight: 13 g
Main Part: 5.0g
Color: Black, White
Package 1 x Mi Band