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Want to know about different services provided at Xbox’s official site Here is information with Xbox customer care number and timing.

From younger to elder, everyone loves to play video games to have fun and to spend time with their family members and friends. Microsoft’s most popular game Xbox is a best combination of games and entertainment that leads you towards the entertaining world of games at homey environment. Microsoft provides customer services to its Xbox customer 24×7 online at Here you can also checkout the servicing details of its Xbox 360 consoles. Here you can get all information about the Xbox customer support services.

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At official site, you can get details of customer service, technical support and customer support. You can also get an automatic extended warranty from 90 days to an entire year and a new clause granting free two-way shipping to owners of defective Xbox 360 systems. Other services that are provided to you by Microsoft are:


Xbox one: In this section, you can check out detailed information about the Xbox one. You can check out its anthem and even brief description of its working. You can also know how it works to give all in one entertainment at one place.

Xbox 360: Here you can get information about the Xbox, Xbox 360, Kinect, various accessories that can enhance your entertainment experience, and all the latest up dates of your new Xbox with demos and easy quick tips to enhance your Xbox 360 services.

Xbox live Gold: To enjoy your Xbox 360 services online, you can join the Xbox LIVE. It will convert your TV into the most amazing and delightful entertainment hub. Here you can become a part of the Xbox LIVE to get a truly great entertainment experience. To join Xbox live follow the steps given below:

  • Browse and click on the “Xbox Live Gold” tab
  • Click on the green link “Join Xbox live”
  • If you already have your Microsoft account, then enter your email id and password
  • If you do not have your account, then click on the “Sign Up now” Link
  • Provide all the required personal and other details as per stated in registration form
  • Get agree on terms and conditions and click on the “I accept” button to become a part of the Xbox live

Social: If you want to get connected to your friends and relatives to grow your Xbox Social life then, you can join it at By creating your personal account at, you can send and receive messages, compare games with friends, see which friends are online, and receive web and mobile requests. To create your account, select social tab from top menu at home page. Provide your email id and password by clicking on the “sign in” button. Or create your account if don’t have one.

Games: In game section, you can find out various games for in different categories such as featured games, xbox games, mobile games, web games, avatar lifestyle, and avatar game lifestyle. Here you can buy your all favorite games online.

Video: Here you can download differnt Movies and Serials to your Xbox.

Music: You can listen your favorite music for free and can also get links to download in your mobile or tablet.

Support: In the support section, you can get answers of different problems of trending topics, billing and memberships, Xbox Live, Xbox 360, kinect and accessories, set up your xbox 360 e console, music and video, apps, and games.

If you do not get satisfied solution of your problem at, then you can use Xbox’s customer service by email and Phone. If you want to use a phone service, then keep below information ready before you call Xbox Customer Support:

If you have questions relating to your console hardware, accessory and game issues, then please have your console serial number ready.

For questions relating to Xbox LIVE, billing, or your gamer tag, please ensure you have your Gamertag and Windows Live ID ready. You have to set up your secret question on your Windows Live ID. To specify a question and secret answer on your Windows Live ID:

  • Sign in to your Windows Live ID account summary page with your Windows Live ID
  • Next to Question, click Add or Change
  • Enter your current password
  • In the Question list, select a question
  • In the Secret answer box, type the secret answer to the question
  • In your information section, fill in your location details.
  • Click Save button

If you are ready with the above information then you can call Xbox’s customer care number, which is given below:

Phone numbers:

Toll free: (800) 4MY-XBOX
Direct dial: (425) 635-7180
Hearing impaired (TDD device): (866) 740-9269 or (425) 635-7102

Hours of operation:
9:00 A.M. to 1:00 A.M. Eastern Time
6:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. Pacific Time

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  • Greg Gangi

    I’m having a major problem with this system. Its very frustrating, and your customer support websites are worthless. I put family settings on my sons xbox live account (not knowing what it was) and we did all the steps but now I want to remove the family settings but i forgot my password. And it wont let him use his micro soft points. So please give me feedback on how to help me.

  • Buck Hobbie

    Your blog is awesome! I found it on Yahoo searching for a repair guide for my broken xbox hdd and couldn’t resist reading it. You have some good tips here. Thanks for posting!

  • Hi Greg Gangi,

    I’m from Xbox Customer Support, Just read your question about Family Settings and being unable to use your MS points since you’re using a Child Profile.

    First, Family Settings is only appliable if you have created a Child Profile, birthdate entered is less than 18 years old upon creating the account and for security purposes, the Country and Birthdate of the Account cannot be altered (Same goes to other Online Gaming Accounts).

    The only way is to set the MS points Settings but you need to sign-in using the Parental WLID (Windows Live ID (email address)) under Family Settings. If you’re having an issue in accesing it because you forgot your password, we have a different dept which handles any WLID issues.

    Intructions on how to Reset WLID password:
    Go to this website “”
    Click on “forgot your password”
    enter your email address and the verification code required
    then you should have the option to send password reset email – click on that
    then click on “Send Message” and that’s it.
    A password reset email will be sent to your email address automatically, then click on the first link provided then you will have the option to enter a new password, that should do it.
    then use the new password to sign in to Family Settings.

    -This method only applies if you’re using a third party email addresses such as yahoo, gmail, etc.
    -*If you’re using any MS emails like Hotmail, MSN, Live, Zune OR you have used an ISP email like comcast, verizon, sbcglobal, charter, etc. please go to this website –

    Please follow the online screen instructions especially the Validation Page for you to prove that you are the account owner – after submitting, you will receive a reply within 24 hours from our Windows Live Support Team, if you’re still having an issue resetting the password, please feel free to reply to the email that was sent as an email support person will send you a reply.


  • FatherBob7996

    I had an issue with my 360 two years ago. I sent it for service, and they gave me a refurb in exchange. Now I’m getting the 3 red lights on this unit. I sent it back to service, and they tell me that I’ve tampered with the unit. They state they found external tampering which cancels my warranty. I told them that any issues had to be from either the previous owner, or tech support. All I’ve done was remove the hard drive and face plate. Of course, they won’t do anything to help. After spending 2 days, and countless supervisors I could barely understand, I have to pay 120 for repair. I asked if there was any internal tampering. At first I was told that once they found the external issues, they didn’t bother to open up the unit. After making my way through a couple of service clerks, I’m told that no internal tampering was found, and that is why I can be offered a new warranty for 1 year at $120. Then they can complete the repairs I need. If internal tampering was found, they couldn’t make me this offer. So I’m left thinking that the unit was too tampered to cover under warranty, but not enough to extort $120.

  • Recon

    i got some problems recovering my gamertag i made it with a Gmail account vut at the time i want to recover i in another console it says that my account its invalid what can i do?

  • Angry Charlie

    I had red rings and a hardware failure on my xbox. I had to pay 120 dollars to get it back on warranty. They fixed that issue, but a week later the disc reader wasn’t working, so I had to send it in again. I get it back and they claim tampering. So now I have a dispute order in because I’m accused of tampering after they screwed up twice and wasted my 120 dollars. They said if there’s internal tampering, I can’t be helped, but external allows me to pay 120 dollars… again. But now I’m being told that although it is flagged as external, for some reason I’m still ineligible for repair. Is there any way for me to fight this since I am being messed with by xbox? I wasted money to get into a warranty that didn’t helped and may now be in void. I don’t want to have to buy a new console outright, again.

  • FatherBob7996

    Angry Charlie,

    Contact Microsoft directly at [email protected] I had a similar issue, and was able to get it corrected with the help of Microsoft support. I hope it helps.