XY Bluetooth Tags: Track Your Things with your iOS or Android device


Try out latest and innovative XY Bluetooth Tracking Tag to discover misplaced items that matters in your life like keys, purse, mobile, pets, etc. from the convenience of your Smartphone.

How much time does a person spend looking for lost things? Of course, 10 to 15 minutes everyday…right? Many people lose their car keys, wallet, or remote control every time they turn around and spend a lot of time every day looking for lost items. Finding lost thing has never been easier; for it people need lots of time and passion. But no longer now….because finally technology has a solution for it. Just few days before, XY-FindIt has unveiled a new secure tracking tag with Bluetooth LE connectivity, which will allow users to keep track of everything they care about like pet, keys, bags, etc. from the convenience of their Smartphone. XY is a secure Bluetooth LE Tracking Tag that will assist you find out nearby items just by attaching them to your valuables, your possessions and your pets and activating it on your phone. It is best option for everyone who spends time hunting for lost keys or walking in circles around a parking lot.

Different uses of XY Bluetooth Tags

XY is the latest advent in this category, which is fully supported with iOS and android devices and also Apple’s new iBeacon – an indoor positioning system. Of course, this new Bluetooth enable tag is very user-friendly and available at low price. This secure, encrypted, cloud based tracking ensures that you control who can see your tag, as well as give you the flexibility to share the tag with the people you trust. However, there are different types of tracking systems available in the market, but XY is different from other competitors that focused on delivering the best experience to users.


Generally, people spend average 10 minutes a day trying to discover lost items – it means they spend over 4 hours a month, 2 days each year and 6 month of their life. But now with XY, they can keep track of everything important for you. The XY is the stylish, affordable and secure tag that makes finding things easy. It is small enough, so you can attach it on anything that you care about and synchronizes with your Smartphone to facilitate you to keep track of your item. Price doesn’t matter, because it is available at the price of just $15 from its creators. It is the first secure Bluetooth LE tracking tag that can perfectly and easily attached on your keys, purse, tablet, and luggage.

XY Bluetooth Tag comes with three modes that you can switch between from your Smartphone:


This is the perfect mode for memorizing where you left your keys. It will support 150 foot range and tell you how close the selected beacon is. Big Concrete walls are the main killer for range. If you misplace something inside a bomb shelter, you may see very little signal penetration outside the shelter. It will also guide to find that misplaced item. So, never waste time searching for your keys again.


For everything you would like to ensure is always by your side, activate Keep-It mode. As soon as you activate it, you will get alert on your phone when you move out of range of the tag. In this mode, you will never leave something significant behind again.


By activating lost it mode, you can mark any tag as lost directly from your application. Once you activate it, it will alert other users if they find the item, or it can just tell you where the item was just spotted.

How it works?

First, the companion app listens to discover close Bluetooth LE signals. After discovering new tag, it checks with a server to notice what information about that tag is available to you. If you are not allowed to see any information, it would not show on your list.

Users are able to utilize XY to find tags. You will get notification on your mobile phone when you move out of range of a tag. As well, you can mark any tag as lost. If other users discover it, then you will get notification on your handset.

XY is water proof, so you can use it in normal day to day life without worrying about getting it damp.

Currently, the XY tracking tag project is running on the Kickstarter crowd funding website. If you think it is beneficial for everyone, then visit Kickstarter website to make a pledge and help XY tracking tag become a reality? It is expected to sell in June 2014. In near future, it will also support Windows phone, but for it you have to wait a little more time. As well, it is available in seven different colors including black, gray, white, green, purple, pink and sky blue.

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