Google Gravity : New Gravity Fun added to Google Search


Google is very much familiar word across the world as the leader in the field of the web search. It is always easy to use and search the web through it. At present, a new Google craze is spreading across the web dubbed as Google Gravity. People can play with Google homepage on the page of Google gravity that has been designed and developed by Ricardo Cabello. Google gravity is a fun filled website, where gravitational force works on the Google Home page and all the elements of the Google Home page fall down or go to base of the page.

Google Gravity : New Gravity Fun added to Google SearchGoogle Gravity can be used for searching the web. People can play with the elements of Google such as Google Search Bar, Google Logo, and Google Search links on Google homepage. These all elements can be dragged and thrown or people can do anything they want with these elements.


Google Gravity works in Google Chrome and Safari and partially works in Mozilla Firefox but it does not work with Internet Explorer. When people search the web on Google Gravity page, they will see the search result at the top of the page. Other links on Google Gravity Page will be sent to Google Page for example, Google Gravity Image links will be sent to Google Image page.

For playing with Google home page, visit com. Type “Google Gravity” without quotes in the search bar and then click on “I’m Felling Lucky“ in place of clicking on “Search” or Suggested links. Now you will get a page, which will exactly appear as the main Google page. Once your mouse pointer will come on the new Google page, all Google elements will go to the base of the page. You can still utilize that broken page for searches and all of your search results will also fall down below of your Google window.

Video about Google Gravity : A Very Simple Google Trick / Basically for fun and pass time from youtube:

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